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Are you looking to augment your costume with a little extra flair? We'd like to direct your attention to this collection of neck gaiters and bandanas turned into face masks! Perhaps you've had a dream of becoming a cowboy or a bandit. Well, that dusty trail is a lot more troublesome than you think... but a face mask accessory is a perfect fix!
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When you think to that scene in The Dark Knight Rises, you picture Bane. You picture that haunting monologue about being born in the darkness. But, even more than that, you picture that mask. It's just spooky as all get-out and makes you remember that villain for all time! Masks do wonders for all manner of other characters. Obviously there's Jim Carrey's titular Mask character who transforms into something crazy fun the second he slips on the weirdo magical face mask. 

But not all masks are made the same! You've got your bandana style masks that you can wear around the neck to offer up the perfect bit of flair. (Wear your bandit mask up or down depending on the job!) Try out a fancy neck gaiter to elevate your costume from the standard street rat to an artiste (with an emphasis on that final syllable, like a genuine luminary). 

Still, there's one other kind of face mask that we're not addressing! We're talking about face coverings that are both fitting for your costume and functional! After all, when Halloween just happens to coincide with cold season, you want to have your fun while keeping yourself and everyone else safe. That's when you can turn to a stylized face mask so you can look cool while staying healthy! 

The real question is this: what face do you want to present while you've got your regular grin under wraps? Perhaps you've got a hunter look that has you dwelling in the jungles. Naturally, a camo look is perfection while you're out performing your duty for the community! That's not the only jungle you can win in, though. Show your stripes with a tiger-print mask to really show who the King of Tigers is on your block! Plus, it'll even help you imitate their growl!

Of course, Halloween isn't the only time that a face mask can help protect you while staying dressed for the times. Fly Old Glory right on your face with a flag face mask. And celebrate by showing your true colors through all of Pride month with a rainbow face mask. We suspect you are seeing the versatility of a properly worn face mask, no matter the season or the situation! 

Face masks may have elastic or fabric ties to keep them secure, a feature that helps you look your best while also keeping you from fogging up those glasses. (A little pipe cleaner work or the proper ties can keep you from looking through a haze while you're sporting your fancy face!) Plus, if you do have to muster a cough, now you don't have to worry quite so much about making sure you've got a free hand!

So, page through our list of decorative and protective face masks so you can augment your costumes in a functional way... or at least add a little color to your quarantine! From Tie-Dye ties to gentle reminders about six-feet social distancing, you'll find the face mask that'll put a smile on your face... (even if people will just be guessing). Monster