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Darth Maul Costumes

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This Halloween, get ready to wield the dark side of the Force with a Darth Maul costume! We have Darth Maul robes for adults and kids, along with plenty of accessories so you can customize your Sith look. Whether you’re building a Darth Maul cosplay or getting ready for Halloween, grab a red lightsaber and you’ll be ready to hunt down Jedi!
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Super Deluxe Adult Darth Maul Costume
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Adult Black Costume Gloves
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Child Darth Maul Deluxe Costume
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Darth Maul, the apprentice of Darth Sidious, started training at a young age in the ways of the dark side. He was a very powerful and dangerous Dark Lord of the Sith and was sent on many very difficult missions. Maul was also one of the very few to use a double-bladed lightsaber. Get our popular Star Wars Darth Maul costume in a deluxe or regular version in a child and adult size. Can you handle the power?