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Make sure that you are ready for your showdown when you have all the western accessories you require to pull off the ultimate costume! Looking for a cap gun that'll sound realistic while you cheer like Yosemite Sam in front of an open bonfire? Want to change up your character mid-fight from evil bandit to a lone ranger? Well, these western accessories are your ticket!
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Well, howdy, paaardner! We hear tell that you've got a meetin' at High Noon with the baddest varment this side of the river! (Or maybe you were the baddest varment?) Really, we can't hardly remember the details! But we know that ain't no such thing as a showdown that don't have the right trim and trinkets! Don't fear that you're gonna have to head on to the local ruffian's place just to get yourself equipped. 

Here in our Western Accessories parlor, you'll have access to everything you need to give your western costume just a bit more authenticity... even though they're all fake. Need to be the fastest draw in the west come High Noon? Well, when you're both equipped with some orange-tipped toy pistols, you can go head-to-head to your heart's content with no fear of losing anything but your pride. And, when you finally defeat your opponent, you can both enjoy a swig from a flask and head off to the saloon for one of those sasparillas that we're always hearing about! 

Become the savior of the west or threaten the whole city as the mean bandit from the other side of the hill. How will folks keep you apart? Well, the law of the west said that the honor-bound sheriff would wear a white cowboy hat while the villain was destined to show up in a black western hat. We're not sure that's always so clear, but if you're imitating the movies, that's the obvious direction to go! Of course, you can throw the whole sequence off by showing up in a brown or leather cowboy hat and nobody will have any clue what's going to happen next! 

Deck yourself out from head to toe when you wear a pair of cowboy boots, too. Make it even more authentic when you don some spurs at your ankles. Even if you don't have a horse to ride off into the sunset with, you can still hear that glorious chime with every step that you take. That's a clear marker of a western explorer if there ever was one! 

Of course, we have a ton of other extras to help refine your western look. Ever heard of turquoise? Well, pretty much every cowboy out there has! You'll find the gleaming blue as an accent on everything from hat bands to bolo ties and this faux gem is going to make you look like you stepped right out of the history books. It'll be even better when you wear a bushy mustache or oversized saloon wig, too. They both go perfectly with some nylon stockings and a faux leather gun holster. (Trust us: even the cowboys like to feel a little frilly now and then!)

That's only the beginning. When you pick and choose your favorite cowboy accessories, you get to create your very own character. Start with your costume and add the extras or start with the extras and find the costume that brings the cowboy out of you! Monster