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Masks allow us to change reality, if even only for a fleeting moment! No longer are you yourself, but instead, you're a hideous monster, or a superhero, or even your favorite rock and roll legend! These collectible masks, do it with an incredible sense of realism, using high-quality silicone, latex, and threaded hair to create a look that is near indistinguishable from the real thing. Once you're done transforming into character, you can take these masks off and add them to your collection.

You can find various collectible masks here, including exclusive designs based on Gene Simmons from KISS. We also have a variety of masks created by expert special effects artist from Hollywood, providing extreme realism on some of our scary masks. Superhero fans will be happy to find our selection of collectible Marvel comics masks, which include Venom and Hulk from the Signature Series, while our Game of Thrones White Walker mask will please any fantasy collector. There's a style for everyone in our selection of collectible masks. Monster