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Need a new friend? How about one of our Chucky Dolls. Sure, they're terrifying as all get out and maybe they'll just remind you of the murderous scenes of Child's Play... but they WILL be with you to the end. We have Chucky and Tiffany Dolls for sale and they are all licensed from the movie series!
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Adult Black Fishnet Stockings
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Good Guys Plush Doll
Ulimate Chucky Doll
Seed of Chucky Tiffany Doll
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Chucky HugMe Vibrating Plush
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Child's Play 2 Good Guys Chucky Doll Udpate
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Chucky Doll Sized Knife
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Tiffany Bride of Chucky Replica Life Sized Update
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Seed of Chucky Prop Chucky Doll
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Life Size Bride of Chucky 1:1 Replica Doll
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Seed of Chucky Glen Doll
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Dolls have been around since the beginning of humanity. Dolls with movable limbs date back to hundreds of years BC... we wonder if those original dolls were as frightening as Chucky. We have a hard time NOT associating dolls with possessions and terrifying supernatural occurrences and it's mostly thanks to the Chucky Dolls from the Child's Play movie series. In each movie, the doll runs loose on a new killing spree and we just haven't been able to look at a toy doll the same. That's sort of why we're here... we'd like to get these terrifying dolls off our hands.

It's no secret. These Chucky Good Guy Dolls are pretty creepy. Some of them might look all innocent and unassuming, but boy oh boy, do they remind us of all the deadly mayhem from the movies. We carry some high-value collectible dolls, along with some life size Chucky Dolls that are the perfect addition to any horror collection. We even have talking dolls and plush variants for collectors who want a more affordable option to add to their collection.

Looking to really go the extra mile on your Child's Play costume? Then how about adding one of our Chucky Dolls to your look. While many of these dolls are great centerpieces for any horror movie collection, some of them also work great as an accessory to a Child's Play theme! We can a variety of Good Guy Dolls that can help you reenact scenes from the movies, so if you're looking to dress up as Andy or Tiffany, then you'll definitely want one of our Chucky dolls along for the ride!

Whether you're a collector or you just want the perfect addition to your costume, our Chucky Dolls are an easy option... even if they really do give us the creeps! Monster