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Child Ninja Assassin Blades

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Child Ninja Assassin Blades
Child Ninja Assassin Blades
Child Ninja Assassin Blades Alt1
Child Ninja Assassin Blades Alt3
Child Ninja Assassin Blades Alt4
Child Ninja Assassin Blades Alt5
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Ninja Weapon
  • Grip is 10" long
  • Spring-loaded blades open when button on handle is pressed
  • Approx 30" long w/ blades extended

Ninjas do plenty of damage without any kind of weapons. They can flick someone in the forehead and send them into a deep sleep. They can slip into a three-story window without breaking a sweat. And hey, if you're into certain movies you might even believe that they can soar from tree branch to tree branch as they soar to or from their enemies. 

Ninja warriors spend a good portion of their life fighting invisible enemies. If you live with a secret ninja, you might think your child is just kicking thin air when he's doing his martial arts moves, but he's actually keeping you safe from evil bad guys who have mastered the art of ninjutsu.

If you really want to help your ninja keep you safe, don't pressure them into learning their one finger flick move too early. Invest in these Child Ninja Assassin Blades. They are designed specifically for taking down enemies that cannot be seen, so your child will have the advantage in fighting any unseen foe.

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Five Stars
      By Oren Levi / March 19, 2019
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Three Stars
      By Current Customer / November 19, 2018
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