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Some might think it's cheesy. But that's the entire point! And our cheese costume selection promises to help you raise the cheese factor on any occasion! Shop everything from easy-squeeze cheese can tunics to cheese plate pullovers that'll stun at your next get-together. Discover couples' costumes for the duo that goes together better than cheese and crackers. Or polish any foodie Halloween costume with totally craveable cheese accessories!
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Adult Spray Cheese Costume
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Kraft Single Couples Costume
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Kraft Singles Adult Costume
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Wine and Cheese Costume
Lunchables Costume for Adults
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Cheese Slice Costume
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Truly Cheesy Adult Costume
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We believe there are two perfectly good explanations for wanting to wear cheese costumes. Either one believes the reality of lactose intolerance is scarier than any Halloween horror. Or they believe everything is better with cheese! Whether you agree with neither and came here with completely different reasons for needing a cheese Halloween costume, or you're on board with our assessments, we're happy to see you! In fact, we're cheesin' about it!

With our unique collection of cheese costumes, we're certain we can help you and yours realize a variety of cheesy costume ideas! How can we be so confident? Take a look for yourself!

Halloween is a great time to indulge in nostalgic feelings, and this selection caters to some of the best childhood, college, and courting memories!

Choose a cheese can costume to awaken snack-time recollections of squeezing too much onto a single cracker or squirting the liquid gold right into your mouth. Reflect on a favorite vicariously through your own kiddo with a Lunchables costume. Or relive the late-night mac 'n cheese cravings with a Kraft Easy Mac tunic. Even celebrate a dating anniversary with a wine and cheese couple's costume!

Prefer a subtler confession of cheese love? Or want to assemble a DIY cheese costume meant to frighten the lactose-sensitive? Choose cheese costume accessories!

Yellow tights, cheese purses, and cheese hats offer a smooth transition between a Halloween ensemble and casual cheese outfit! Imagine sneaking up behind pals dressed as a cheese zombie or arriving at brunch with a handbag shaped like a cheese wedge. Each occasion would be a total scream, leaving people talking for years to come!

Would you believe it if we told you there was even more cheese to go around? We know, it sounds too good to be true! But it's not! Because we don't relegate cheese costumes and accessories to Halloween!

Kick a brunch bash off on a high note with a charcuterie board costume that's equal parts cheesy and trendy! Or make snack time more thrilling than ever with cracker and cheese costumes that show kids how fun and easy the simple treat can be! We've even got cheese block headwear for sports fans, and a playful mouse-in-cheese kids costume great for bringing story time to life and reliving classic cartoons!

No matter the occasion, we have cheese costume ideas to help make it extra special. But if you didn't find what you were hoping for, don't fret! Explore our buffet of food costume selections for more cheesy options. Or check back again down the road to see what delicious options we've added to the collection! Monster