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You’ve got the attitude to be a celebrity. You’ve even picked out your costume, it’s eye-catching—a complete standout. But if you’re really going to convince people that a celeb is visiting their Halloween party, you need the right accessories. Steal the spotlight when you don the items found in our selection. Choose the celebrity style wigs and accessories from shoes to sunglasses that guarantee you’re the star of every costume party you attend!
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Sometimes it really is the hair and accessories that make a person. Just imagine if Dolly Parton didn’t wear her curls so full. Or if John Lennon didn’t have those tiny round glasses perched on his nose. There’d definitely be something less impressive about their signature look. So, when you’re getting ready for Halloween as one of your favorite celebrities, make sure you have the celebrity accessories that made them the icon they are today!

Start with the hair. While your glorious curled locks may look great with your Elvis costume, the king himself always sported a perfectly combed pompadour. And your platinum blonde hair surely makes an impression, but Elvira looks spookiest with her silky black lengths and gravity-defying beehive. Grab the wig from our selection that turns your everyday look into something extra special, without visiting the salon. From Kiss’ Starchild to the Spice Girls’ Baby Spice, you can find the hair that completes your character!

Once you’ve got your hair on straight, it’s time to add those extra touches. From hats and jewelry to makeup and stockings, our selection of celebrity accessories has you covered! Channeling your inner supermodel? Grab a pair of false lashes that would make Twiggy jealous. Diving into your teen obsession with emo bands? Don’t forget the black eyeliner and fishnet gloves. Or pick up a play microphone and perform your Oscar-worthy speech and Grammy-winning song. We’ve even got the award you know you’ve earned!

Taking on the persona of a celebrity that stays hidden behind a mask? We love the mystery! And our collection of celebrity masks will let you become your favorite enigma. From Slipknot to WWE wrestlers, there’s a well-known, spooky, or spectacular mask to bring your celeb along to the party!

Maybe you’re not becoming a well-known celebrity, but you want to tap into your own celebrity potential! With the right neon bangles and unique pair of boots, we’re sure you have what it takes to make a name for yourself this Halloween! Grab yourself a feathered boa and a pair of stunner-shades. Or appeal to the younger crowds with flashy bows that JoJo Siwa would approve of.

Go all out with your costume this year by adding all the accessories that raise its impact to the next level! Whether you’re dressing as Marilyn Monroe, Guy Fieri, or even a member of the Village People our selection of celebrity accessories offers everything you could need. From facial hair and giant diamond rings to playboy bunny kits and inflatable guitars, you’ll be ready to become any of your favorite celebrities!