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This year, make your Halloween costume a little more sensational with a cape or a cloak. We have plenty of options, including vampire cloaks, superhero capes, and more. There’s nothing more fun than flourishing your cape dramatically when making an entrance or exit!
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Sarah Sanderson Hooded Capelet
Made By Us Exclusive
Kids Darth Vader Mask and Cape
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You'd think a cape is just a big piece of fabric that covers your shoulders, but the fact is it's really just a big piece of fabric that makes you look awesome. Think about all your favorite superheroes... there is a good chance that they wear a cape. Superman, Batman, and even the Vision got in on the action with the Avengers: Age of Ultron. While it won't make you fly, it will make you look superheroic and cool. So, add a cape to your costume and know the feeling first hand. Monster