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Camel Costumes

Sally the camel has how many humps? C'mon, you know! The silly song was probably one of your favorite jams back in preschool, and guess what, now you can  dress like the lovable dessert creature you once sang about. We have funny camel costumes for adults, kids, and even dogs. Kids will love feeling like they're trudging through the sand as an Arabian prince when they wear the funny ride a camel costume. It's like a cool costume and a pet all in one, except you don't have to feed or clean up after this pet. Adults will enjoy wearing the two-person camel costume. Get your favorite buddy in the costume with you and you two will have a night filled with laughs. You can even bust this costume out at the office whenever it's Hump Day! Last but not least, the plush camel hat is irresistible. Wear it on Wednesday and you'll get a ton of laughs!