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Cool costumes and fashionable footwear to boot? You bet! Ensure your Halloween ensemble is ready to wow when you shop our selection of boots. Dance all night in gogo boots. Look ready to sail the seven seas in brown boots even Blackbeard would love. Or grab the colorful boots to match your kiddo’s sweet trick-or-treat costume. From Halloween boots meant for walking to pointy-toed black boots that are perfect as witch shoes, we’ve got you covered!
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Unless you’re keeping Halloween at home this year, you probably need shoes to finish your costume. While a pair of sneakers may keep you and yours comfy for trick-or-treating or get the job done when strolling into your friend’s costume party, a pair of costume boots can take your look to the next level!

Why Halloween costume boots? It’s simple, they look great, they can protect more than toes against an October chill, and some costumes demand boots instead of shoes. You’d never catch Davy Jones haunting his locker in flip-flops! And Wonder Woman would look a little silly in ballet flats. Luckily, our selection of boots for girls, guys, and even ghouls can get you and yours ready for any costume or event!

Not sure if you should choose between white gogo boots or black knee high boots? Maybe you’re not sure if you should go with a heeled boot or sturdier sole? Stick with us for a quick review of everything we have in store for your Halloween look—you may even find yourself feeling inspired to put together an ensemble using those shiny white boots you were hesitant to click!

Let’s start somewhere simple and consider which costumes need boots. Our favorites? Superhero, pirate, wrestler, cowpoke, and just about any historical figure that didn’t live in a fancy palace.

But which boots go to who? Well, wrestler’s like glamor (even the bad guys) so go extravagant! Lots of laces and patent leather in a bright color are sure to give your wrestling costume some polish.

Pirates? Brown and black! Pick a pair with a bronze buckle to show off your pirate’s wealth.

Superheroes need color, kind of like a wrestler—if you think about it, their costumes are very similar. But a heel here could work too! Catwoman looks incredible in her over the knee heeled boots, and you can too!

For those cowboys and girls? You know what you need! And you’ll find plenty of options with elaborate stitching patterns here.

Choosing that historical character? We’ve got the low heels, pointy toes, and Victorian styles Victoria herself would have loved. But feel free to mix it up with a pair of steampunk stilettoes that are sure to give your historical look a unique update!

Looking for some costume inspiration? Build from a strong foundation with a pair of boots!

A pair of polka-dot boots may remind you of circus clowns. But with pastel colors in place of primary, our dotty pair might be even better than those floppy clown shoes (and maybe less creepy.) Black combat boots go with more than you may think! Vintage dress? Combat boots. Police costume? Combat boots. Rosie the Riveter? You know where we’re going with this.

From fur-lined black boots perfect for a Christmas Santa to slippers designed after NASA boots, we know this selection is ideal for completing or inspiring your next costume ensemble! Monster