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Black Cat Costumes

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There are few Halloween symbols as iconic as the black cat. Whether you're decorating for the holiday, looking for a costume for your little one's first Halloween, or dressing as the Catwoman to your partner's Batman, our black cat costume selection brings the familiar feline home! With everything from hip-hugging catsuits to cuddly-soft kitten costumes, you're sure to discover the black cat Halloween costume that suits your need!
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Since the beginning of time, or so it seems, black cats have been associated with an impressive list of superstitions. Ancient Egyptians worshipped black cats as sacred. Medieval Germans were convinced they'd be cursed if a black cat crossed their path, while their French peers associated the spooky felines with witchcraft. But whether loved or feared, one thing remains the same across cultures and time. Black cats have more going on than meets the eye, and their stories never cease to encourage fans and the frightened.

Which is lucky for us. After all, Halloween shares itself equally between things that scare and delight. So, if you're looking for Halloween inspiration that caters to everyone, you can't go wrong with black cats! Explore our selection of black cat costumes with us! We'll discuss some of our favorite black cat costume ideas and which one would be perfect for a first Halloween or for getting in touch with your cattier side.

Because of their association with witchcraft and misfortune, choosing a black cat costume for Halloween or as seasonal décor inspiration makes sense. Shopping through this selection, you'll find we have items that answer both needs. But since you're probably looking for more than decorative pillows print with classic arched-back kitties or garlands of whiskered faces to hang in your window while sipping chamomile tea from a Halloween cat mug, we'll skip to the traditional costume ideas.

Our favorite classic black cat Halloween option? Pairing a toddler black cat costume with a witch ensemble. However, a toddler witch skipping from house to house accompanied by their parent in an adult black cat costume is an easy second! Perhaps you have an entire gaggle of adults looking to march the neighborhood with their kiddos. Put the abundance of personalities to good use with our exclusive Sanderson Sisters costumes and a Made By Us cuddly kid's black cat costume that would serve as a perfect Thackery Binx. At least one of the children in that Halloween-obsessed group has enough sass to keep even Winifred in her place.

Perhaps you'd like to break from tradition. Our selection holds the women's black cat costume that's sure to do the trick! Slip into a figure-flattering catsuit that transforms the wearer into the likes of Gotham's greatest cat burglar. Whether you're looking to channel or create your own version of Catwoman, we've got the costumes and accessories to help. Of course, you could tap into the greatness even more with a black cat costume that embodies everything the Ancient Egyptians believed of the felines. Complete with cat ears, jewels, or a golden staff, these powerful catsuits will have any wearer feeling divine!

From cuddly Kigurumis and accessories perfect for completing DIY cat costumes to truly striking catsuits and classic black cat dresses, we're confident there's a black cat costume for you and yours! Monster