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Bird Beak Nose

Bird Beak Nose
Bird Beak Nose
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A classy and sophisticated accessory, the Bird Beak Nose is carefully crafted from only the finest PVC available on the market. Each piece is thoroughly inspected by only the most discerning Nobel prize winning ornithologists, and then presented to real live chickens for final approval. If they cluck once, it means it means they say “yes” and the Bird Beak Nose passes its final test. If they cluck twice, it means “yes yes,” which makes it doubly high quality. If they cluck three times they are sold to KFC as punishment for insubordination.

The Bird Beak Nose looks just like a giant, realistic, smiling chicken beak complete with tongue and saucy red waddle. Keep one in your car so you can quickly put it on if you ever get pulled over by a cop. He’ll appreciate how artfully you’ve defused what could have been an awkward situation and let you go on your way. We assume this actually works!

  • Made of PVC
  • Attaches w/ an elastic band
  • Yellow bead w/ red jowls
  • Red tongue
Items Included
  • Bird beak nose
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Fun costume accessory
     By Anonymous / July 8, 2016
Very fun mask accessory. Airflow is decent enough through the top air holes, and the looks is fun and impeccable.

They're also quite fun when strapped around your penis. Cutting a hole for you to slide your penis through and out the front of the beak is recommended, as it both looks and feels great, especially with the two red waddles conveniently situated to cover and accentuate your balls. Just seeing your penis slide over the slippery rubber of the chicken tongue, and dangle out freely is enough to make you wanna kaw like a chicken until you wildly cum everywhere. Inserting your penis through the front of the beak first is also pleasurable, and it feels like a slippery chicken beakjob.

Very fun piece of kit, durable and good design.
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