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Batman was one of the earliest comic book superheroes, first appearing in 1939. It took him less than a year to earn his own title and join Superman as one of the cornerstones of the comic universe. He's been in comic books, TV and several movies. So, if you're going to be him for your costumed event, you have a decision to make.

Which version of Batman do you want to be? His appearance and costume have evolved over the years and across different media. We have costume options for many of his incarnations, in sizes from infant to adult plus.

Maybe you'd like to look like Adam West, who played Batman in the 1960s TV series. His costume was a light gray jumpsuit with dark blue briefs, boots, hood & cape. He wore a yellow utility belt and had the bat symbol in a yellow oval on his chest. We have several versions of this look. Some of them have padding in the chest and shoulders to give you the look of a muscular physique without spending hours in the gym.

Or perhaps you want the darker, all-black look from the Batman movies. We have Dark Knight costumes for all ages at a variety of price points.

If you're going to be Batman, you'll want to add accessories like Batarangs and a grappling hook. You'll also want to have a friend or significant other to be Robin. For a group of friends you could have a rogues' gallery of villains: The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler and more.

So watch for the Bat Signal, and when it appears slide down the Batpole to the Batcave and zoom away in the Batmobile. Gotham City needs you! How To

Batman Costumes

Batman Costume Poses Banner

Being Batman isn't just yelling at people in a gravelly, there's much more to it than that. For instance, you really need the perfect Bat-Pose to really sell the transformation, especially if you're taking pictures with people. Batman is so popular, you should probably just get used to people wanting their picture taken with you. So, when that inevitably happens, strike a pose from this guide, and you'll look just like you glided in from Gotham.

Batarang Batman Costume Pose

Batman is known for throwing his own brand of boomerang, also known as a 'batarang.' If you have one of these handy accessories on Halloween, pose like you're about to hurl it at the picture taker, but don't actually do it! They'd probably frown on that type of thing.

Shadows Batman Costume Pose

Batman is also well known for always hiding in the shadows. Every time Jim Gordon turns around? Gone, nowhere to be found. Batman loves to just disappear, and that's what this pose is doing. Block your face with your cape, and give a stern look.

Gotham Defender Batman Costume Pose

Cross your arms, stand up Batman, that is. When you do this as old Bats here nobody would dare mess with you, not even the Joker or the Penguin! That's because this stance means business... bat business to be exact. Confidence oozes out of him and says without saying, "I protect Gotham, and thus, you."

Strike Batman Costume Pose

Batman doesn't use guns, because he doesn't believe in killing. He only believes in justice. This pose, with your hands tucked behind the cape, looks like you're ready to strike your picture taker, but of course you aren't going to do that. He's a master of intimidation, so you should be too!

Dark Knight Strikes Batman Costume Pose

Perhaps Batman's most famous pose is him perching on a gargoyle of some sort about to pounce and glide down to the streets below where he will bring justice to those that need it. Do this pose and you'll always look cool, especially in the deluxe costume!

Batman Costume Era Banner

It's hard to believe that Batman is actually as old as he is, but it's true! The character really did debut all the way back in 1939. Mind you, that version of Batman is very different from the one we have around today. Fans of Batman can spend hours debating which era had the best Dark Knight, whether it was the Adam West take, or Christian Bale's, we've had so many we thought it was worthwhile to cover each from the noir to the movie universe with this handy bat-tastic era guide!

Year One Batman Costume

The original Batman had a very different cowl, although he looks much the same as he does even today. The cowl back then had pointy ears wider apart, and even had a bit of a spooky look. This is a spandex suit costume that gives it a classic, vintage look.

1960s Batman Costume

The 1960s version was owned by Adam West. He brought a fun, campy looseness to the character that hadn't been seen before. Who could forget all those classic BIFFS, BANGS, and POWS? Or Julie Newmar for that matter...meow!

Classic Batman Costume

After the 60s TV show, Batman went back to being strictly a comic book character. He had a similar look to his original version and went from black to blue. The character would stay roughly the same until the 1980s when Batman would radically transform.

Comic Book Batman Costume

Batman changed a lot in the 1980s because of Frank Miller. His take on the character made Batman more muscular, more stylized, and the stories more brutal and realistic. The golden age Batman was gone, and this was something new entirely, and readers really latched onto it making the campy version a thing of the past.

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume

The Batman cinematic universe has been controversial to say the least. The Tim Burton versions were very popular and brought a whole new interest to the character, but there was only two of them. Then, Joel Schumacher got a hold of the franchise and while his films were popular enough to continue, they were critically panned because of silly plotlines and villains no more than goofy caricatures. When everyone thought the Batman movie franchise was completely dead, Christopher Nolan took it to new heights, and it became one of the highest grossing franchises of all time.

Value to Deluxe Batman Costume Options

Shopping for the perfect costume can be hard, especially in Gotham where you always have to be watching your wallet or purse so it doesn't get snatched by a supervillain. But you also don't want to get a bad deal! That's why we made this guide to show you all the different costume ideas we had to make yourself into Batman. Some of us might have Bruce Wayne money, and other's might not, but that shouldn't stop anyone from becoming the Dark Knight!

Value Batman Costume

This is our value Batman. It used our costume t-shirt, a pair of gloves and our Batman half-mask. It's a great look for not only Halloween, but in completing your quest to becoming the next "Bat-Dad".

Moderate Batman Costume

For a complete Batman look without all the fuss, go with this moderate version. It's the Rubies Dark Knight costume jumpsuit. You can always add some accessories or a different cowl, but this look is straight out of the package.

Deluxe Batman Costume

This deluxe version of Batman has a fantastic jumpsuit of high quality. It looks just like Batman from the comic books and has a nice thick cape. The only thing is that the ears will need some help so that they aren't floppy, buy everything else is tip top!

Super Deluxe Batman Costume

This super deluxe version isn't even the most expensive of our Batman costumes, but is perhaps the most accessible while still getting that Dark Knight look. If you want the movie version, this is a great one to go for, but if you want to spend even a little more be sure to check out our other deluxe version too!

Batman Quotes

Batman Had been around for a long while, which means he has a ton of quotes, but we thought it would be fun to take some of the best ones and show them here. When you go as Batman, you can memorize a few of these and really get into character. Our favorite? "I'm not wearing hockey pads," from the Dark Knight. Makes us laugh every time...

Batman Quotes

Batman Costume Icon Evolution

Enjoy this fascinating look at the evolution of the bat symbol.

Batman Villain Costumes

Riddler Costumes for Men, Women and Girls

The Riddler is an infamous Batman villain, who loves to combine crime with clever riddles, puzzles and word games. After all, criminal activity can become downright boring if you don't take a little time to send tricky clues to your enemies! The best part, you don't have to be an adult or even a guy to become this Gotham villain. We have costumes for men but also fantastic looks for women and girls too. Seriously, watch out for the little cutie on the end, she's obviously plotting some extremely terrible for Batman.