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Prepare for battle this Halloween with our realistic-looking Viking costume accessories! From Viking wigs to formidable Viking swords and shields, we offer a wide range of raiding gear. These accessories will add an impressive touch to your Viking costume, whether you're pillaging for candy or raiding neighboring realms for treats!
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Hoist the sails and set your course for adventure with our Viking costume accessories! These Nordic novelties are a one-way ticket to Valhalla's most happening halls. Whether you're a seasoned sea raider or a landlubber looking to Viking-ize your wardrobe, these items will have you raiding the party scene like it's 793 AD.

Picture yourself with a Viking helmet with horns, charging into your neighborhood Halloween block party. It's not just a helmet, it's your ticket to becoming the chief of chills and thrills! And if you're heading to a sports event, why not show your team spirit by donning the helm? Nothing says "I'm here to conquer" quite like it.

Consider arming yourself with our carefully crafted Viking swords and axes. These plastic props can transform a backyard barbecue into a legendary saga where you regale tales of your 'battles' as you flip burgers. And come cosplay events, you'll be ready to win best dressed as you wield your gear with Norse nobility!

The Viking shield is the ultimate accessory that screams, "I mean business!" – perfect for adding that extra oomph to your costume. Why not use it as a quirky serving tray at your next potluck? Watch your friends marvel at your ingenuity as you serve up some mead, or, you know, the more likely soda and chips.

Dress-up days at the office? No problem. Slip on some Viking helmet horns and prepare to lead your team to victory, Viking chief style. And for those looking for a subtle nod to their warrior spirit, a Viking drinking horn can double as stylish desk décor when not in battle mode.

A bold Viking cape trimmed in faux fur can add a dashing touch of Nordic style to your Halloween costume. Whether you picture yourself pillaging for candy or embarking on a mythical quest, let the Viking cape be your banner as you conquer the night with Nordic flair!

All of these options and more are for sale right here on this page. And, by the way, these Viking Halloween costume accessories are not confined to the spooky season. They are perfect for historical reenactments, themed parties, or even as props for that independent film you and your friends have been talking about making!

So, wrap yourself in a cape, strap on a helmet, grab a sword and a battle axe or two and prepare to explore new territories. Not only will you be sporting the height of Viking fashion, but you will be ready for fun worthy of the sagas. Let the Viking voyage begin! Monster