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What's the most delightful treat that any creature could have in their hands? Well, clearly, it is the taco. But a close second is when you get to climb into the taco itself and sport the delectable costume for all to see! Make sure your everyone's favorite when you wear a Taco costume. Team up with others with our Condiment costumes or even a Dog Taco costume and you've got an entire group Taco Halloween costume concept in one glorious bite!
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Child Taco Costume

It's one of the most requested items in all the world. If it is a Tuesday or if you can even remember a Tuesday happening within recent days, you know it can be nothing other than a Taco Tuesday! Now you can celebrate your favorite weekly holiday with a costume that shows just how much you love them. Get yourself a Taco Halloween costume and you and yours will be decked out in all of the ultimate flavors. 

But, we might be getting ahead of ourselves. Maybe you're new to the idea of the taco. Perhaps a cruel city designer refused to allow a restaurant with this delectable dinner anywhere near you. You might come from a far-off dimension where your people have not yet discovered our treasured Mexican food or perhaps you've recently escaped from a kingdom where the wicked monarch permitted only those with royal blood to enjoy the delicacy. Either way, it is time to correct these mistakes and get you some taco goodness post-haste! 

The true taco starts with a tortilla of some kind. It is then filled with one or more tasty ingredients. Everything from pork, beef, fish, chicken, beans, veggies, cheese, or even fruits, ice cream, or other desserts! (Some taco purists would raise a nose at such a suggestion, but we suspect that even they would love an unusual taco, too.) The next step is the best one. They are garnished with all sorts of extra toppings, from salsa and sour cream to tomatoes, chilies... or even chocolate drizzles for those sweet treat tacos. 

With such versatility and deliciousness, it is no surprise that it is one of our most favorite of foods. And that's why you shouldn't be at all surprised that we have a ton of different Taco costumes that you and your family can enjoy! 

The first question is whether you believe in the horizontal or vertical taco costume. One way, it looks like you're carrying the biggest darn taco ever made from place to place. The other makes it look like you're one of the tasty ingredients! Perhaps you have the sweetest baby on the planet. We're not quite sure why we all want to dress our kiddos up like tasty foods, but we have to admit that it is as adorable as heck! Now you can have a baby taco costume to let your little one be all wrapped up while looking so cute that someone would wanna take a bite! The rest of your kiddos can join in the fun to create a 2-pack, trio of tacos, or go all out for a dozen! Our collection of kid's taco costumes and toddler taco costumes are a delight for folks of any age! 

Don't think that you're done there. Your four-legged friend will be able to be what they love to eat when they are in a dog taco costume, too. From taco hats, taco condiment costumes, and a variety of whacky taco accessories, you will practically be a walking restaurant. What better way to make sure your favorite food is available (even when it isn't Tuesday)? Monster