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And that’s a wrap! Complete your costume ensemble with the Halloween scarves from our selection. With options ranging from Harry Potter scarves to scarves perfect for your 1950s sock hop costume, we can help you polish your look. Warm up with neck scarves or ensure your rocker costume is exceptionally cool with scarves for men, women, and children available here!
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Dr. Seuss The Grinch Jersey Scarf
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Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs Lightweight Scarf Main UPD-2
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Carmen Sandiego Scarf Accessory update2
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Gandalf Knit Scarf
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As a child, wearing a scarf for Halloween meant it was cold, and your ensemble was going to look silly obscured by the chunky knit number your parent wrapped around your shoulders. But nowadays, a Halloween scarf can perfect your outfit. In fact, you may have even chosen your costume because it required a scarf!

October can get chilly, and a scarf can help cut through the cold. We’re fans of costume scarves here in Minnesota, so we’ve got you covered with a selection of scarves to ensure your costume looks cool while keeping you warm! Not sure which costume scarf is right for your look? Or maybe you’re hoping you’ll find the scarf that inspires this year’s look? Either way, stick with us! We’ve compiled a brief overview of our selection to make sure you find what you’re after!

So, you’ve decided to attend your friend’s costume party dressed like Elvis. We love it! The king of rock ‘n roll is a great choice. But that sequined jumpsuit could use a bit of accessorizing, and if you’re going to be dancing and stunting like Elvis, you’ll probably find yourself a little sweaty. Luckily, like the legendary rock star, you can dab that unsightly sheen with a set of red scarves that the man himself would have loved! Modernizing your rock ensemble? A scrappy scarf works wonders for any glam rock look! Or go with something patterned and bold to bring the likes of Hendrix or Prince to the party. Either way, after shopping this selection, you’ll be crooning thank you, thank you very much at compliments you’re sure to receive.

Thinking you’d like to fight the chill of autumn instead? Wrap up with a Hogwarts scarf! Paired with your standard work robes or iconic character costume, our exclusive Harry Potter scarves are sure to please. Match your green and silver with a hat from our wider selection of accessories. Or discover the cozy socks that make your Hufflepuff costume extra comfortable for Halloween festivities.

You may not consider a ghost very warming, but our exclusive Zero scarf is sure to perfect your Nightmare Before Christmas costume! Ensure Jack has his best pal around for your Halloween adventures, then keep that adorable winter accessory around for some Christmas fun! With this clever scarf in your collection, you're ready for all the cold weather months.

Whether you’re looking for the final piece for your sock hop costume or you just need an awesome scarf for your cold-weather outfits, our scarves catalog is here to help! Find a lightweight neck scarf to complement your vintage look. Add some glitz to your fortune teller costume with a hip scarf. Or keep cozy for fall and winter journeys with our knit scarves. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help put a wrap on your search! Monster