Savvy Commentary on our Products

What is the S.C.O.O.P. team?

The S.C.O.O.P program invites our most trusted reviewers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions. provides S.C.O.O.P. members with free products that were selected for review in the program. S.C.O.O.P. reviews are the independent opinions of its team members and the vendor cannot influence, modify or edit the reviews. does not modify or edit the reviews as long as they comply with our posting guidelines. A S.C.O.O.P. review is identified with a notation next to their name in the reviews section.

Why do you have the S.C.O.O.P. program?

The program was created to provide customers with more detailed information including honest and unbiased feedback from some of's most trusted reviewers and customers.

How can I join the program?

Currently the S.C.O.O.P. program is invite-only.

How are S.C.O.O.P. members selected?

We want the S.C.O.O.P. program to reflect the best of our growing body of customer reviewers, therefore, we hand-pick customers and reviewers who offer helpful, detailed, and honest feedback.

Where does get the products?

Products are provided directly by for review by the S.C.O.O.P. team.

Are S.C.O.O.P. team members expected to write only positive reviews?

No. We welcome honest opinion about the product - positive or negative.

Are S.C.O.O.P. team members paid for writing reviews or pressured to write favorable reviews?

No. S.C.O.O.P. members are not paid to participate in the program and write reviews. Team members are selected to participate based on their helpfulness of reviews. Once they are invited into the program, to maintain their status as a S.C.O.O.P. member, they must review all of the selected products within 30 days of receipt. They only compensation they receive is the product itself.

Do S.C.O.O.P. team members receive products before they are released?

In some rare cases, S.C.O.O.P. team members may receive products before they are released to the rest of our customers. Monster