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Dive into a colorful world of costume creation with our selection of peacock costume accessories! Featuring a range of items from vibrant blue wigs to playful and practical tights, our collection provides the finishing touches peacock ensembles need. Shop the versatile styles and discover the ideal accents to bring your vision to life for Halloween, Carnival, or any dress-up event!
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When it comes to assembling the perfect costume, the right accessories can make all the difference. That's where our costume accessory collections come into play, and our peacock costume accessories are no exception! Designed to complement your peacock attire or inspire entirely new looks, these pieces offer endless possibilities for creative costume enthusiasts.

Need just the basics? Start with a strong foundation built on classic legwear: stockings and tights! A pair of opaque white tights for kids or opaque black knee-high tights for adults are staples in any costume wardrobe and make a great layer in a peacock costume—giving legs a look closer to your costume inspiration.

Meanwhile, a vibrant peacock costume could never be hurt by another splash of color provided by the exclusive wigs available right here! A bright blue bob wig, light blue full wavy wig, royal blue wavy wig with bangs, or kids sky blue shoulder-length wig ensures a head-to-toe transformation that truly captures the feel of a peacock's mesmerizing feathers. Paired with neon blue thigh-high stockings or nylon fishnet thigh-highs, the fancy feelings only get more playful!

Make the jewel tones pop in your makeup design, too, when you add a set of feathery blue eyelashes or grab a complete rainbow palette to work with. Explore our full makeup collection for even more tools and products perfect for emphasizing the sparkle you intended to give a Carnival-ready peacock ensemble. With everything from stencils to temporary tattoos and glittery accents, you're set to create countless inspired designs!

Our collection isn't just about achieving the perfect peacock costume. These versatile accessories are also great for crafting other imaginative looks, whether attending a themed party, participating in a performance, or simply embracing the joy of dressing up. Plus, with our commitment to continually updating our selection, you're always just a click away from discovering new ways to complete your costume ideas.

Explore our collection of peacock costume accessories today and let your creativity take flight. With these colorful, versatile pieces, you're well on your way to creating a costume that's as unique and memorable as you are. And remember, we're always here to inspire you with new additions and ideas to fulfill all your costume needs! Monster