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Paw Patrol Costumes

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The puppers of Adventure Bay are always recruiting for the next members to join the PAW Patrol. It turns out that you and your tykes might be just the perfect crew to fill out the roster, too! Join Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Sky, Rocky, Zuma, and Rubble with our collection of Paw Patrol costumes. Where else can you combine adorable dogs with the most important jobs in the city? These PAW Patrol Halloween costumes are a two-in-one win!
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Skye Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket
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Every kid has a puppy phase. You know the one. They'll run around on all fours, barking and yipping. Once in a while, they'll even eye the mail carrier or fire hydrant with a bit too much enthusiasm. But, eventually, they grow up just a bit. They start to think about what they want to be when they grow up. Maybe they want to become a firefighter. Perhaps they get really excited when the bulldozer busts things up to build a cool park in the neighborhood. Will they serve and protect as a police officer, fly airplanes as a pilot, or even lead their very own team of modern-day heroes? 

Well, we've got fantastic news. No matter what your tykes might want to be when they get older, you can unite their love of dogs and their future ambitions all with the help of the PAW Patrol and our PAW Patrol outfits!

We're sure that your tykes can give you the full tour of the team, but here's a few details that will help you remember which pooch is who! Ryder is the leader of the group. Don't think that this is just a kid's game. We have adult PAW Patrol costumes for you, too, so you can help your little ones run around! If you have a tyke with their head in the clouds, a Skye PAW Patrol costume is perfect. She's the pilot of the crew and works on all sorts of air rescues. If solving mysteries and catching baddies are the activities your kiddo loves, a Chase PAW Patrol costume is the perfect kind of uniform. 

Marshall is the famous Dalmatian firefighter pup, so you know we have Marshal PAW Patrol costumes in both kid and adult sizes. (In fact, even your family pet can get in the fun with a PAW Patrol dog costume!) A Rocky PAW Patrol costume makes sure that your tykes are ready to fix up anything in the dog house while an Everest PAW Patrol costume might actually be warm enough to help your kiddo rescue anybody who got stuck in the snow. For those who are looking to get down and dirty, a Rubble PAW Patrol costume and a bulldozer toy will have them constructing some great ideas while a Zuma PAW Patrol costume shows that they love the water.

Trick-or-treat in Adventure Bay with PAW Patrol mascot costumes and even some delightful PAW Patrol dress costumes. Plus, you'll find everything from treat or treat totes to adorable ears thanks to our playful PAW Patrol accessories. How To

Paw Patrol Halloween Costumes

Paw Patrol Costumes

It's more than a puppy phase. It's a Paw Patrol life! Whether your kiddo's puppy playtimes seem like they'll last forever, or their obsession rises and falls with the sun, Paw Patrol costumes make it fun for everyone! From trick-or-treat to make-believe, a Paw Patrol costume combines two childhood classics: dogs and dream jobs.

Instead of choosing between firefighter and Dalmatian, though, Paw Patrol lets kids be both! And while the Adventure Bay pups have set roles, the inspiration doesn't end at puppy and police. Turn Paw Patrol fandom and fanfiction into something the entire family will enjoy with the pawfect kid and adult Paw Patrol costume and accessories from our selection!

Paw Patrol Costumes for Adults

We can't assume the reason adults would want a Paw Patrol costume. But we know that whether following a child's playtime lead or looking to surprise them, costumes are an excellent choice! By playing dress-up together imaginations grow and indelible shared memories form. And from swinging into action with hero capes, doctoring teddy bears, or answering the call as the Paw Patrol, our adult costumes have the look you need!

Marshall Paw Patrol Costume

Fire pup Marshall is on the job with our available adult Marshall costume! The easy costume option comes with the essentials: a character-styled jumpsuit and a lightweight firefighter's helmet with Dalmatian ears. Whether dressing for playtime or planning a fail-safe trunk-or-treat, you'll be ready in no time with this licensed ensemble.

Chase Paw Patrol Costume

Ryder's secondhand is ready to protect and serve playtime at a moment's notice when this adult Chase costume is in the dress-up collection! Featuring a similar construction to our Marshall adult costume, you'll find gearing up for a Halloween patrol easy with the ensemble's two pieces. Equip the protective pup with a trick-or-treat flashlight to perfect the role!

Paw Patrol Costumes for Kids

We know from experience. Kid favorites are specific and fierce. If we get it wrong, they'll let us know in no uncertain terms. Luckily, our Paw Patrol collection offers the core crew and a few supporting paws. So whether after Paw Patrol hoodies, an adamantly requested Paw Patrol Tracker costume, or in search of adaptive options that ensure every Paw Patrol enthusiast is included for adventure, we have the favorites you're looking for!

Skye Paw Patrol Costumes

Skye Paw Patrol Costume

A key to success? Know which version of the pup your kid prefers and land the trick either way with our selection! Skye may be the favorite, but her outfit changes from series to movie. Kids will cheer for this deluxe toddler Skye costume that brings Skye's movie style to life. But Skye's classic pink steals hearts too, and we've got kid's options for infants on up!

Rubble Paw Patrol Costumes

Rubble Paw Patrol Costume

Chase and Marshall race into action while Skye flies and Zuma swims. Rocky leads the clean-up—a trait all parents would love their kid to share—but Rubble's construction role is often a better fit! Encourage building up and breaking down block towers, forts, and more with this Paw Patrol Rubble costume or a hoodie that keeps the beloved pup around for the fun!

Paw Patrol Costume Accessories

Like our available Paw Patrol hoodies, accessories offer versatility for every fan experience. When a full costume isn't appropriate or wearing their regular play clothes is more comfortable, Paw Patrol offerings and our larger accessory selection ensure fun still abounds! So, whether accessorizing an existing costume to look more like Marshall or transforming a required set of wheels into a flashy set like Chase's patrol car, we're here to help you and yours get ready to roll!

Police Hats

From playing Paw Patrol to dreaming of the potential profession, kids' police hats are easy dress-up box additions! Pair this adaptable police hat with play clothes for a simple round of make-believe. Or foster a creative cosplaying kiddo by matching police officer accessories with a realistic pup ensemble like our exclusive brown dog kid's costume!

Firefighter Hats

Dalmatians and firefighters are a quintessential pair, and Marshall fans will want to enjoy both. Which means this firefighter hat costume accessory is a must-have! From Paw Patrol play to Halloween, it may even become a thinking cap inspiring heroics that climb the ladder into the air with Skye! And all it takes to ensure imaginations continue to soar is adding pilot gear too! Monster