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When you go in our Little Bo Peep costume, you'll become one of the most beloved storybook characters of all time! She may have lost her sheep, but you've definitely found a ton of Bo Peep costume options. We have colorful and comfortable styles for kids and adults. If you're a fan of Pixar, you can't go wrong with a Toy Story Bo Peep costume. But, we recommend not trying to shepherd any actual sheep while you're out on Halloween... "baa-d" idea!
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There are all sorts of stories about Little Bo Peep. She’s always a demure-looking lass at first, but she’s nearly always got a surprise, too! Which version of Little Bo Peep do you love the most? Do you picture Lil’ Bo Peep’s classic look? In the antebellum age of the south, the look was Little Bo Peep, but even outside that age, we still love a pair of matching bloomers and bonnet for an authentic Bo Peep portrayal. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Little Bo Peep’s pink and white gingham make a great look.  

Of course, you can also become Bo Peep from the Toy Story franchise. In that version, you can put together a Bo Peep cosplay dress costume with hat and crook to complete your look. As Little Bo Peep from the movie, Toy Story, girls will be able to be either a sweet gal or a kick-butt fighter! Bring Toy Story to life with a couple of costume, too, because Woody was Bo Beep’s beau straight from the beginning!  

You’ll love taking on the role of Little Bo Peep, especially if you have a couple of sheep incorporated into Halloween costumes. Add a purse or handbag and a sweet little cane when you’re dressed in a homemade Little Bo Peep costume to put on a delightful women’s costume or make sure the kids have costumes at many school celebrations! All you need to do is look through our category and find the Bo Peep you love.