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Kid's International Costumes

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The world is full of inspiring cultures, so it's only natural that your child would want to explore the many different ways of life. Our kid's international costumes strive to give your child tons of different options, whether they want to dress up like a Japanese-style kimono, or they want to embrace German culture in a pair of Lederhosen! Your child will definitely look the part in one of our child international costumes.
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Child Mighty Moose Costume
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Infant Canadian Mountie Costume
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This crazy world is full of countless cultures. Each one has its own folklore, their own traditions, and, of course, their own variety of outfits. Of course, we're especially interested in all of the different garments and classic costumes that each culture, since costumes are sort of our thing around here! We carry costumes that are inspired by various different countries, so your child is going to have plenty of different choices right here in our selection of kid's international costumes.

You can find a whole variety of costumes inspired by Asian cultures and folklore. If your child wants to dress up like a Japanese shinobi, then one of our ninja costumes will work great for them. If they're more into a relaxed look, then our kimono-style costumes are another great option for kids looking to explore other cultures.

If your child wants to delve into European cultures, then we some cool choices for them! Our German costumes include a huge selection of Lederhosen and dirndl dresses to give them an authentic look for any German festival. We also have costumes inspired by classic Italian artists, like Leonardo da Vinci and we even have costumes inspired by the lovely city of Venice! We also have British costumes that capture the charming nature of United Kingdom cultures, including Scottish kilts.

Your child can also dress up in one of our African and Middle Eastern-inspired costumes. We carry different daishikis, ancient Egyptian-style tunics, and Arabian-inspired costumes that look like thwabs. Each one is designed to merge the classic look of the outfit with simple costume style to make them easy to wear for any occasion.

Finally, we also have costumes inspired by the Americas, including Canadian Mountie outfits and Mexican costumes that showcase the unique style of the Day of the Dead! If your child is looking to expand their horizons and they want an outfit that's a little outside their normal culture, then give any of our kid's international costumes a shot!