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Who put the 'Glad' in Gladiator? You already know the answer and are probably humming the song with us! Hercules is here for all your heroic needs and we are here for all your Hercules costume requirements! Whether you want to perfect your Hercules cosplay or need to recreate your favorite Disney scene, get inspired by this collection of costumes before the planets align and all Hades breaks loose!
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There are a lot of legendary characters out there, but few are as favored by gods and mortals alike as the one and only Hercules. Whether you're talking about ancient Greek myth, iconic and classic TV shows, or an epic Disney movie that has us all feeling heroic, the son of Zeus and champion of challenges is a true icon!

And, unlike Hades, nobody would blame you for sporting a bit of his merchandise, either! So if you're looking to dress up in an outfit that will have you ready to step onto the peak of Olympus, look no further than our Hercules costumes!

If you need a bit of background, Hercules is a mythical figure and one heck of a hero. As a demigod, he was a champion of mortals and was the one responsible for tackling many of the legendary monsters we've all heard about.

Between defeating hydras, going on truly dangerous fraternity-style raids, and even finishing up all his godly chores, Hercules became a comic book character, a hit 90's TV show, and a beloved 1997 Disney film. Now it is time to bring him into the modern day with a costume that will be truly mythical!

So what are your options, you might be wondering? Well, you can craft your very own DIY Hercules costume when you pick out one of our togas and add in a cape, belt, and bandana thanks to a Hercules costume kit. Some Greek or Roman-style sandals or a classic sword or club and you're ready for all of the labors!

Of course, if you really want an animated look, pick up an officially licensed Disney Hercules costume. When you pair the bright and stylized look with a Megara costume, not only are you living out a legendary tale, but you'll have a couple's costume that will have the whole world jealous.

Then again, you might realize that even a Hercules and Meg costume collection isn't complete without a Hades costume to round out the trio. Don't go crazy, of course. Fiery blue hair is hard to come by, so a hair-raising wig is an easy inclusion to bring this wicked wonder from the Underworld. You won't even need the Muses' help... 

On the other hand, our own muses have ensured that a glorious combination of Greek goddess costumes and ornate golden accessories will have you singing! Create the ultimate Hercules group costume when you bring the Muses, Meg, Hades, and Hercules together. Go extra when you add Pegasus and a few of the classic monsters to the list. All you need next are foam boulders to really show off your godly muscles! Monster