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Frida Kahlo Costumes

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Paint yourself as someone new this Halloween! Our selection of Frida Kahlo costumes will transform you into the feminist icon by outfitting you in off-the-shoulder tops and colorful, long skirts, topped off with a floral crown. Every Frida Kahlo costume is officially licensed and creates the perfect cultural-themed look for school plays or Halloween.
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Frida Kahlo Costume Kit
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You have all sorts of options this Halloween. Why not choose to dress as an icon? Become an inspiration to women everywhere by wearing any one of these officially licensed Frida Kahlo costumes. They're all Made by Us so they feature high-quality fabric and stylish designs. We have a Frida Kahlo costume with a long red skirt and one with printed floral fabric. Plus sizes are also available! 

Frida Kahlo shook the whole world up with her art and persona in the middle of the twentieth century. She's a woman who knew herself and had pride in her unique nature, creating self-portraits that embraced her complicated life and her culture. Embrace her strength and colorful style with our licensed Frida Kahlo costumes. Costumes include a summery look with a peasant top as well as a cold-weather friendly costume with an orange and black color scheme. 

When Frida Kahlo rose to glory, women didn't have a lot of rights. Ladies were expected to be seen and not heard and stay in the home. And if they were creating art they were expected to stick to subject matters of flowers and children. She wasn't afraid of diving into the surreal. She painted her own pain both physical and mental. After all, there was plenty of pain in this famous artist's life. Her portraits aren't simply capturing the light on her face or the shine of her hair, they're capturing her as a person. As Frida Kahlo said, "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone because I am the person that I know best".

What inspired this icon to paint the way she did? The pain in her work deepened when she was involved in a bus accident as a teenager. The crash wounded her so severely that she ended up in a full-body cast and never fully recovered from the pain.

The pain didn't stop her from rising to the top though. She went forward in her gorgeous embroidered tops and traditional native garb to meet the already famous artist, Diego Rivera. This mix of traditional wear with fashionable hair and jewelry is what people focus on when they're coming up with Frida Kahlo costume ideas.

So what does it mean that we keep coming back to the classic Frida Kahlo costume? Are we craving her courage? She was one of the first ladies to embrace her native heritage and speak openly about her controversial political beliefs and modern morals. Or maybe we crave her creative intellect. Whether she was dressing herself, painting, or writing, there was honesty and beauty in whatever she did. Maybe we crave her strength. Through polio, her lifelong pain, and a tumultuous marriage to Diego, she stood strong. 

No matter why you love Frida Kahlo, our costumes are here for you! Of course, once you put either ensemble on, accessorizing is key! Top your costume off with that famous Frida Kahlo hair topped with a flower headband. Paint on red lips and a unibrow or better yet, grow your own if you can. Frida didn't shy away from jewelry so don't forget to pile on necklaces paired with earrings to make your look your own. 

And most of all, once you've chosen one of our Frida Kahlo Halloween costumes, be real with the people around you. Because there's no one more real than Frida Kahlo! Monster