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Exclusive Halloween Decorations

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Every year, you have the best Halloween decorations on the block! That’s thanks in part to us having the best outdoor Halloween decorations in stock. Carry on the tradition with more luxury Halloween decorations from our selection of exclusive Halloween décor! From kid-friendly light up Halloween decorations to towering terrors Made By Us, we have the unique Halloween decorations you can’t get anywhere else!
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Candy Bowl with Animated Pumpkin Scarecrow
Sale - 20% Made By Us
8FT Animated Giant Pumpkin Scarecrow Decoration
Sale - 16% Made By Us
Hanging Scarecrow with Color Changing LED Lights update
Sale - 40% Made By Us

With holiday decorating skills like yours, you’re not worried about keeping up with the Joneses. They’re worried about keeping up with you! But wait, does that make you the Joneses? That’s some Twilight Zone business we best leave for another time. We’re here to chat about your impressive decorations and how to ensure they stay the star of the neighborhood and possibly become the talk of the town!

But how do you take your big Halloween decorations display to the next level? That’s simple. You shop our selection of exclusive decorations!

You may already be familiar with our extensive catalog of Halloween décor. Ranging from simple home accents to frightening figures for your lawn, there’s plenty of unique pieces to choose from to bring any graveyard, haunted house, or seasonal sitting room to life. But this selection is a bit different.

You’ll still find large lurkers that are more than ready to power-on and terrify trick-or-treaters. And you bet your boots we have a good variety of mini menaces for your spooky centerpieces. But everything on these pages are exclusives and/or Made By Us. That means, when you shop right here, you’re getting some of the best in the biz and only right here! So, what do we have in store for you? Let’s dive a little deeper to meet the towering terrors and creepy crawlers that can’t wait to join your collection.

Animatronic decorations have always been some of the spookiest parts of any Halloween display. Putting together a haunted house? Hang a light-up ghost with glowing eyes to the end of the hallways. With its gossamer gown sparkling in the dark and a disturbing look on its skeletal face, this spirit is sure to get a rise out of visitors. Turning that haunted house into a carnival of terror? Funzo the Clown wants to be the star of the show! Standing 7ft tall and full of maniacal laughter, we’re sure he’ll serve you well.

Perhaps you think animatronics are nice, but something simpler and a bit more family-friendly would be better? We’ve got twists on traditional figures that are sure to please! From witches holding hands in their coven circle to human-sized posable skeletons, even a bare-bones display will captivate when built with pieces from our selection.

Love decorating but hate the time it can take? Go for our exclusive inflatable yard decorations! Kid-friendly jack-o-lanterns, spoopy graveyard sets, and even a hungry clown archway stand out among any crowd of airblown décor.

So, whether you’re looking for a single piece to update this year’s Halloween decorating, or it’s time to start a collection from scratch, our exclusives have you covered! Gather inspiration from the shaking, moaning, and glowing ghouls, or put some polish on that creepy cottage to ensure it’s fit for any witch when you shop our Made By Us décor and exclusives! Monster