Beliefs Beyond Borders: Creepy Superstitions Around the World 

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By: Fun Monster

Whether it's ghosts or bad luck people all over the world believe in superstitions. Maybe you believe that Friday the 13th and black cats are bad luck. In this infographic we travel beyond borders to find out some of the creepiest and unique superstitions around the world. We'll explore the unique and sometimes hair-raising beliefs that have shaped societies across the planet. So grab your good luck charm and be prepared as we discover creepy superstitions around the world.

Creepy Superstitions Infographic

All superstitions should be taken with a grain of salt but with that being said there may be some truth behind them. Whether you embrace these superstitions or merely find them captivating, they form a tapestry of our shared beliefs and experiences. As we wrap up our exploration, we invite you to reflect on the superstitions you hold dear and those you've encountered on this journey. 

10 Creepy Superstitions Around the World:

  1. Mexico: Placing two mirrors in front of each other will open a doorway for the devil to come through. Devil Costumes
  2. South Korea: Using a fan with the doors and windows closed can kill you in your sleep. "Fan Death" is a widespread fear in South Korea. Ceiling Fan Costume
  3. Philippines: Don't go straight home after a funeral otherwise a bad spirit may tag along and come inside. Demon Costumes
  4. China: Whistling at night attracts and invites wandering sprits to you and in your house and also disturbs the dead. Ghost Costumes
  5. Italy: If an owl flies into your house it is a bad omen that someone in your family or related to you will die. Owl Costumes
  6. US: People in the south believe that rocking an empty chair invites dark spirits to come along and have a seat. Demon Costumes
  7. Turkey: Avoid chewing gum at night, it is believed that if you do you could be chewing the flesh of the dead. Gumball Costumes
  8. Thailand: Don't go into the banana groves at night in Thailand, there are spirits that live there that will harm you. Banana Costumes
  9. Haiti: It is believed that all trees have spirits and if you cut them down without proper rituals you will anger their spirits and bring misfortune. Tree Costumes
  10. South Africa: Owls are considered to be a harbinger of bad luck and death. It is said if you hear an owl's call at night it is a sign of imminent death. Owl Costumes Monster