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Whether you’re heading to a convention or looking to impress your friends at their next costume party, our Cosplay accessories can get you in character. With prop replicas from Ghostbusters, Star Wars, and other movie franchises available it’ll look like the real deal has dropped in for a visit. So, give your Halloween costume the polish it deserves with accessories from our elite selection.
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The costume design in movies might not always stand out to you. If you’re watching a romantic comedy, for example, you’ll probably see the same types of clothes you’d wear every day. You may be inspired to find a similar piece at the store, but the fact is, you don’t have to go looking far to get it done. When you watch a sci-fi or fantasy film though, you’re suddenly swept away to another realm or planet—somewhere that probably doesn’t offer generic t-shirts and sneakers. So, you know it is going to take more than a trip to your favorite clothing store to get the cloak, helmet, or device that brings each costume to life.

Those intricate costumes seem to become ensembles that you can only dream about recreating. Or they did, until you found our selection of elite accessories! Once you’ve found the jumpsuit, uniform, or tunic ensemble to dress like your character, it’s time to check out our available accessories.

Bring the Ghostbusters to your neighborhood with authentic prop replicas from us! Don’t just dress in your ghost-busting uniform, get geared up to catch those pesky slimers and specters with your very own Ghost Trap replica. Or save the world the same way the original team did with a Proton Pack that Dr. Sprengler would be more than proud of, but that’s less of a threat to existence.

Head to a galaxy far, far away but don’t forget the proper equipment. Our selection of Star Wars replica props offers the most recognizable masks from the films you love. Practice your Shyriiwook before pulling on our available Chewbacca mask and you’ll be speaking real Wookiee language with the articulated mouth. Or get in touch with the dark side of the Force with a Kylo Ren or Darth Vader helmet worthy of the powerful fearsome rulers.

Want to really scare the pants off your friends when you head to their party as Pennywise? You’ll get the perfect terrifying makeup job and leer with a mask from us. Our supreme option will turn you into the most recent version of the shapeshifting clown and is sure to take your costume from spooky to scream-worthy.

Not finding the accessory of your dreams? We’re always adding and updating our selection to best suit our customer’s needs. You can be sure we’ll keep looking for the next hot item to complete your elaborate replica costume. In the meantime, enjoy our other accessories sections and our elite costumes selection. You’ll find the smaller odds and ends as well as the starting point for many of the looks you’re longing to recreate! Monster