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Chicken Costumes

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Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, in this case, to get to the costume party! Strut your stuff into your next Halloween gathering with chicken costumes from us! From realistic chicken masks to bright yellow jumpsuits that’ll have you feeling as playful as a rubber chicken, these costumes offer a clucking good time for everyone!
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Chicken. Sometimes it means dinner and sometimes it means being scared. Other times, it means wearing a crazy costume and flapping your wings as you do the funky chicken. All these things are pretty common place at parties, but the third definition is really the most entertaining. (Chicken dinner comes in a close second on that list).

We can’t help you with chicken dinner, since we’re terrible cooks, but we can get you ready to be a giant bird at your next party. We’ve got a whole brood of chicken costumes, some wacky, some cute and some just downright outrageous. Just make sure you wander near any fast food restaurants or they may try to turn you into chicken nuggets while wearing one! How To

Chicken Halloween Costumes

When you think about dressing up like a bird, chickens might not be the first ones that come to mind. If someone calls you a chicken, they think you’re needlessly scared of something. We’re not sure how chickens got associated with being cowardly. Anyone who has made one angry will tell you that they can be quite aggressive! Regardless of all this, we think chicken costumes can be really fun. Perhaps you’ll tap into the sillier side of things with a funky chicken costume. Maybe you’ll be the star of the barnyard play as a rooster. Or you could lead the crowds in a cheer with a chicken mascot suit. No matter what you want to do, why not be a chicken while you’re doing it?

Not all Halloween creature costumes have to be scary, like werewolves or spiders. Although we’re big fans of spookiness around here, we enjoy cute and silly outfits just as much. And we think that a chicken costume has a lot of potential for hilarity. You can ask why you crossed the road, annoy people with your puns, or break out the funky, flapping dance moves. If all else fails, you can always try a well-placed squawk or two to bring on the laughs. No matter your method, you’re sure to make everyone giggle at your newfound feathers!

Adult Chicken Costumes

Who says that kids are the only ones that get to wear animal costumes? Not us! Strut your stuff in one of our adult chicken costumes. We have plenty of options to choose from, whether you want to be a rooster, a funky chicken, or even a bucket of crispy fried chicken! And if you prefer to DIY your own wings, try some of our chicken accessories to finish off your costume. However, if you get a sudden craving for corn while you’re partying, don’t blame us!

Rooster Costume

Rooster Costume

Would you like to be the king of the barnyard? Sure, a rooster might not be the biggest or strongest farm animal, but they’re the ones in charge of the morning! Roosters seem to have an innate ability to know when the sun is rising and they’re not hesitant to let us know about it. So if you like to party all night long, perhaps a rooster costume is the right choice if you want to be the one to tell everyone when it’s time to go home. When you crow about something, everyone will have to take notice!

Sexy Chicken Costume

Sexy Chicken Costume

Contrary to the saying we have of calling cowards “chicken,” these fowls can actually be quite fierce! Some have even been known to try to drive away predators like foxes and eagles. (And sometimes they succeed quite handily!) So whether you need something to boost your confidence this Halloween or you’re already feeling a bit daring, you should consider a sexy chick costume. When you strut around like a chicken in a costume like this, you’ll definitely start feeling bold!

Funky Chicken Costume

Funky Chicken Costume

You’ve done the hokey pokey. You’ve tried the sprinkler, the macarena, and you’ve been taught how to dougie. You’ve even figured out the monster mash. But you’re not an expert yet! Now there’s a brand-new dance that’s going around. It’s the funky chicken! If you’re a fan of silly dances, there’s no better outfit to wear while doing them than a funky chicken costume. Even if you’re not a dance expert, you’ll still have a great time hopping around and flapping your wings to the beat! And it’s not just for Halloween dances. You can wear this costume to a party that needs a little silliness any time of the year!

Chicken Mascot Costume

Chicken Mascot Costume

Imagine you’re at a sporting event and your team is losing. The crowd is disappointed, and morale is at an all-time low. Then, you see someone jump out from the stands in a chicken mascot costume and start dancing! The spectators start to laugh and cheer, your team turns the game around, and they end up winning! Now, did we make up this story? Maybe. However, the fact that there’s nothing like a mascot to get people cheering is true! Whether you need a little school spirit, a fun halftime character, or a Halloween costume that will make people giggle, you should try a chicken mascot costume.

Kids Chicken Costumes

Kids Chicken Costumes

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We’ve put a whole team of researchers to work trying to answer this question and we’re still not sure. However, they have answered one question for us. They’ve determined that kids in chicken costumes are really adorable! Some people might think they’re not quite as high on the Cute List as a furry animal like a bear, but they definitely beat out the creepier ones like zombies. (Unfortunately, we can’t release any more information about the Cute List. It’s classified.)

Your kid might have several reasons for wanting to wear a chicken costume. Maybe it will make them the star of the school play. Perhaps they like the idea of pecking their candy on Halloween this year. Or they might just want an excuse to run around yelling “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” No matter their reasoning, they’ll have fun in one of our chicken costumes for kids!

Toddler Chicken Costumes

Toddler Chicken Costume

What is your toddler’s favorite part of Halloween? Many kids love to dress up as their favorite characters or just wear other fun costumes. However, the part most little ones look forward to as the highlight of the night is the fact that they get to collect so much candy. And if their favorite treat is candy corn, then they’ll feel right at home in a toddler chicken costume! They can enjoy their tasty snack while staying in character. Even if they’re not a candy corn fan, they’ll have fun clucking around the neighborhood collecting their prizes!

Baby Chicken Costumes

Baby Chicken Costume

Now, as the saying goes, we don’t like to count our chickens before they hatch, but when they’re so cute, it’s hard not to do. Little chicks are already small and fluffy, so when you add that cuteness to your baby’s natural adorableness, it’s sure to make everyone in the room go “Aww!” A hatching chick costume is a unique option for Halloween, but we could see it being a hit around Easter as well. Just be sure not to get the shell into any egg salad you might be making!

Funny Chicken Costumes

What do you call a chicken crossed with a cow? Roost beef! (Ok, sorry about that one). It’s no secret that chickens are often the butt of jokes. We constantly ask why they crossed the road; we tell tons of jokes about cracking up, and puns about eggs and chicks are everywhere. We think you should embrace the humor with a funny chicken costume! If you like to make people laugh, you’ll certainly succeed with one of these humorous outfits. Whenever you wear one, you’re sure to have an egg-cellent time!

Fried Chicken Costume

Fried Chicken Costume

Just because an animal can be cute doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious! After all, most of us cannot live on vegetables and fruits alone. If your friends are dressing up as chickens or other animals this year, it might be morbidly fun to wear a fried chicken costume. Or you could ask them to dress as other types of food that might go along with a bucket of crispy goodness, like waffles or pizza. The possibilities for couples or group costumes are almost endless! Of course, we still think a fried chicken costume is great on its own. When you have food that good, you don’t need a side dish!

Chicken Fight Costume

Chicken Fight Costume

Have you ever participated in a chicken fight? (Not the illegal kind! Don’t call the police!) A traditional chicken fight involves two teams of two people, with one team member sitting on the other’s shoulders. Thankfully, there are no weapons involved. Each team is just trying to separate or knock down the other team. We’re not exactly sure why it’s called a chicken fight since there are no chickens involved. But how much cooler would it be if there were? Add an extra kick to your next friendly challenge with a chicken fight costume! You can get a second one for a buddy and stage hilarious fights or just be the funniest person at the Halloween party.

Hei Hei Costumes

Hei Hei is one of the funniest sidekick characters that we’ve recently encountered. He has, shall we say, lower than average intelligence, but Moana loves him regardless of how smart he is. Although he causes some complications in her journey, he ultimately saves the heart of Te Fiti from falling into the ocean, which enables Moana to save the day. Like many other chicken costumes, a Hei Hei costume can provide some much-needed comic relief. Or if someone else wants to wear a Moana costume, you can be Hei Hei and make the perfect pair!

Toddler Hei Hei Costume

Hei Hei Toddler Costume

When you first saw Moana, you probably didn’t see Hei Hei and immediately think “Oh he’s just like my kid.” However, we have a couple of questions that might shed new light on things. Is your toddler a little accident-prone? Do they get into things they shouldn’t? Maybe they have trouble feeding themselves or following directions even when you’ve made them very clear. If any of this sounds like your child, they might have a little more in common with Hei Hei than you originally thought. It seems like a Hei Hei costume might be perfect for them this Halloween! And if your child has a friend who wants to dress up as Moana, they’ll have a blast together. (Although Hei Hei is plenty of fun—and enough of a handful—on his own!)

Hei Hei Headband and Tail Kit

Hei Hei Headband and Tail Kit

Disney princesses have had lots of different animal sidekicks over the years. Many of them seem to charm forest animals wherever they go, but others have had more unique companions. Jasmine has Rajah, her loyal tiger, Mulan has Mushu the dragon, and Pocahontas has Meeko the raccoon. When we first saw Moana, we certainly weren’t expecting her companion to be a chicken! However, we quickly learned to love him. If a little one in your life wants to dress as Moana and needs a friend, you could create your own Hei Hei costume with a headband and tail kit to finish it off. However, we do recommend keeping the whole “pecking rocks” thing to a minimum!

Chicken Accessories

Whether you prefer to DIY your costume or just spice up an existing one, you’ll need some accessories! The right pair of socks or glasses can make or break your outfit. If you’re thinking of venturing out into the world as a chicken (not the scared kind), you have some choices to make. Will you wear tights? Will you harvest your own feathers? Whether you need a tail, a beak, or something a little more humorous, we have a great selection for you!

Chicken Tail

Chicken Tail Costume

Not all animal tails are equal! Sometimes, you can even identify the type of animal from their tail alone. After all, a monkey tail is very different from a horsetail, which is very different from a fishtail. And even if you narrow it down to just birds, you still have a lot of variety! A peacock, a toucan, and a turkey all have very different tails. So if you’re going to DIY a chicken costume or you just need to add a finishing touch, consider breaking out a chicken tail to make it complete. One of the best parts of wearing one is getting to shake your tail feathers!

Headband and Beak Kit

Chicken Beak Costume

If you want to dress like a chicken, you definitely need a beak. However, that might not be enough to identify you. Although they may look different from each other, all birds have beaks. However, one defining characteristic of chickens is the red comb on their heads. Although they might look a little weird, they help birds stay cool and attract mates—both important parts of life! With a chicken headband and beak kit, you can be sure that everyone at the party will know what kind of bird you are. It will bring your costume to poultry perfection!

Rubber Chicken Prop

Rubber Chicken Toy

There is almost no limit to the options for hilarity when you have a rubber chicken on hand. First of all, they make a hilarious sound when squeezed or thrown. Also, they’re fairly soft, so if you do decide to toss one across the room, they won’t break, and they won’t cause serious injury if they hit someone. And you don’t have to be a clown to have one! Sometimes it’s even funnier when they’re being wielded by the person you least expected. You’re sure to get people giggling as a cowboy who has a rubber chicken instead of a gun. Or maybe you just want to keep it classic and be a chicken wielding a rubber chicken. You can’t go wrong with that!

Chicken Hat

Chicken Hat

When it comes down to it, the perfect thing to “top off” a costume is the right hat. And there are so many choices! You could don a trendy ball cap, try a swashbuckling pirate hat, or wear a pointy witch hat. However, if you’re looking for a hat that will make people chuckle when they see you, there’s one clear winner. A chicken hat is a perfect accessory to have on hand when you need to get someone to giggle. If you’re looking for even more humor, hide an egg underneath it. Then at some point, pull off your hat and exclaim “My hat laid an egg!” (Please note: we highly recommend using a hard-boiled egg if you’re going to try this stunt.)