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Cheshire Cat Ears and Tail

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Cheshire Cat Ears and Tail
Cheshire Cat Ears and Tail
Product Information

Items Included
  • Striped Ears Headband
  • Matching Faux Fur Tail
  • Light pink striped headband
  • Faux fur
  • Matching tail attaches w/ safety pin (no included)

Wonderland is an amazing place that seems to defy all the rules that we in the mortal world have gotten used to. Things can be different things one minute to the next, occasionally up is down… or even a diagonal sideways. Eating or drinking certain things can make you exceptionally tall or diminutive. And, where does one even begin when trying to discuss the local inhabitants of the world!? But, despite how odd the place seems to be, there is generally still a system of rules that remains mostly consistent… at least for Wonderland. Until the Cheshire Cat comes onto the scene, that is. Striped, multicolor cat bends everything more than backwards, making ‘up’ go ‘purple!’

After the most recent visit from a few of the Wonderland compatriots, we noted that the Cheshire Cat must have also been visiting. We never caught sight of it, though the odd duck… er… cat, anyway, left behind its ears and tail! What sort of creature just forgets parts of itself? We’re never sure what to do with things like this, so we’ve made them available for you. The light pink striped headband ears and faux fur matching tail quickly give you the Cheshire look… though we can’t promise any of its other powers will transfer. If they do, we apologize!

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      By Anonymous / November 15, 2013
I purchased this for my daughter's costume. I found the same item on a few different websites, all at HIGHER prices. Your company offered a good price and prompt delivery.
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Four Stars
      By MissyBowlen / November 4, 2019
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Cheshire Cat no
      By Current Customer / June 8, 2016
For the price they are about what I expected, not the best quality but disappointed that as soon as they cam out of the bag, there is a one inch whole in the tail.... Not impressed
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      By adam bridges / October 20, 2013
Good job
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