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Cavewoman Costumes

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If you'd like to go prehistoric this Halloween just get one of our cavewoman costumes! We feature Cavewoman Halloween costumes for adults and kids. With lots of cool leopard print and faux fur outfits to choose from, you can shop all of our top costume options right here!
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Jumbo Cave Bone Prop
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Deluxe Spartan Spear Costume Accessory
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Caveman Bone Club
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Plush Caveman Club
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Deluxe Brown Caveman Club
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Spartan Spear 60 Inch
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Caveman Inflatable Club
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For too long, Cavemen have stolen too much focus from Cavewomen. Because, let's face it, if there weren't any cavewomen around, we wouldn't be here! 

What were cavewomen really like? Nobody knows for sure... well, maybe some people do, like archeologist and anthropologists, but that's less than fun and fantastic, right? What we're talking about here are the 1950s B-movie style reimaginings of our human origins, and if the Flintstones have taught us anything, the way those early humans had to deal with sassy dinosaur garbage disposals and keeping their anger-prone husbands in check (we're looking at you, Fred!). 

Somehow, those are probably not the most accurate depictions, but they're pretty fun, and that's what we want when it comes to our cavewoman costume selections. We've got a ton of varieties and styles that are sure to work for your party or gathering. There's not much more to do once you get in your animal print tunic, other than wrap a bone in your hair, get some grime under your fingernails, and throw a stone-tipped spear at an unsuspecting Woolly Mammoth! And if you can't find a Mammoth, because they're extinct and everything, you could try taking down a dark brown Buick of some kind. Monster