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Baseball! It's the great American pastime... and now, with our baseball costumes, you can step up to the plate yourself! From our costumes based on A League of Their Own, to vintage outfits and even some wacky mascot costumes. We carry a baseball costume to fit any kind of occasion! We even have sizes for kids and toddlers, so everyone will be ready to head out to the ballgame!
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Adult Baseball Bat
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Child Baseball Bat
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League of Their Own Dottie Wig
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Black Base Makeup
Adult Metal Look Plastic Baseball Bat
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Eye Black Stickers
Black Body Paint
Baseball Treat Tote
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Kids A League of Their Own Baseball Hat
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9.8 Inch Gold Trophy
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Baseball Purse
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Baseball has a long history. Bat and ball games have been around since the 1300s, but it wasn't until the 1850s in the United States of America that the modern version of baseball started to be refined. It quickly became the national pastime and that's when leagues started to pop across the U.S. It immediately became a youngster's dream to become a skilled player and only exploded during various periods in American history. These days, other countries, like Japan and Cuba, have really taken a liking to the sport! Well, we wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest sports of all time, so we created this amazing selection of baseball costumes for you to choose from! We really have a homerun style for anyone who wants to take to the field!

Of course, we have to start out by talking about our awesome selection of baseball costumes from A League of Their Own. That movie happens to be one of our all-time favorites, so we worked with the license and our costume designers have crafted a whole line of outfits based on Dottie, Jimmy, and Kit. With plenty of adult baseball costumes based on the Rockford Peaches, you can craft the perfect group costume with these A League of Their Own costumes. We even have toddler and baby baseball costumes based on the movie, so you can get your little ones involved in one of the greatest movies of all time!

If you're looking for something a little more classic, then we have some other great options to choose from. With our vintage baseball costumes, you can craft your own Joe DiMaggio or Babe Ruth costume. If you're the type who wants to call all of the shots on the field, instead of play, then check out some of our umpire costumes. They're inspired by classic umpire outfits, so you can look just like an old-timey umpire! We also carry contemporary umpire costumes for modern baseball fans!

Rounding out our collection of baseball costumes, we carry a variety of funny mascot style costumes. Maybe you or one of your family members wants to actually look like a baseball instead of a baseball player! Well, we have multiple costumes that will help you do just that! We even have child baseball costumes that can help your little one get into the spirit.

Finally, if you already have the perfect baseball costume selected, you can put the finishing touch on your outfit by adding one of our baseball accessories to your look. From faux baseball bats to baseball-themed purses, we carry tons of great items to help you customize your baseball costume.