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Do you have a knack for making decisions? Balancing all the chaos in the world? Whether you do or not, you'll make a fantastic choice when you pick up one of our Anubis costumes! Based on the deity of death from ancient mythology, all you'll need is the look of the mystical hound from one of our Anubis masks and an elegant robe and staff and you'll be ready to judge the souls of the dead or simply win a costume contest!
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Anubis Staff
Cobra Cane
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Everyone enjoys a costume that makes them feel a little bit powerful. So, naturally, there's nothing quite as amazing as an outfit that transforms you into an ancient deity! And which one is more captivating than the Egyptian god of death, Anubis?

Known by a number of different names, Anubis was worshiped thousands of years ago in Egypt and watched over gravesites and weighed the hearts of the dead in order to guide souls to the underworld. But there was so much more! With his canine head and mystical prowess, he was a loyal counsel and pretty stylish, too!

In modern days, Anubis is still an incredibly popular icon. He appears in all sorts of movies, TV series, and video games. While he's occasionally the villain of the story, he's more often proof that order will prevail over chaos and that there is more to the afterlife than meets the eye!

Now you can tell an entirely new story! Pick up your favorite version of our Anubis costumes and channel the mystery of this enigmatic character. We have Made By Us versions as well as outfits inspired by Anubis appearances from your favorite shows.

The most important part of your look will be the Anubis mask. Jackals, hounds, and wolves have all inspired the look of these detailed vacuform or felt masks which pair perfectly with the black, gold, and silver robes. Of course, that's not all. We also have several options for your Anubis staff, too.

Channel the might of the Pharaohs and walk the path of the dead when you strut your stuff down the Halloween costume walkway in an outfit that will really turn heads. These Anubis Egyptian costumes are the perfect place to begin and are a great complement to our other deity costumes, too. Make the ultimate group costume with a collection of gods! Monster