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Adult Collapsible Black Top Hat Accessory

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Adult Collapsible Black Top Hat Accessory
Adult Collapsible Black Top Hat Accessory
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Product Information

The Purpose of a Hat

Let's talk hats for a minute. We love 'em. There are just so many different kinds of hats, each with their own purpose. Some are designed to keep the sun out of your eyes, like baseball caps or sombreros. Some are designed to keep your head warm, like chullos and beanies. Others even denote a special status, like crowns and tiaras! So then, what's the purpose of a top hat? As far as we can tell, top hats have two main purposes. Can you guess what they are? Well, you can pull a rabbit out of them and they make you look like a fancy pants!

Of course, we've been trying to pull a rabbit out of this Collapsible Black Top Hat for adults... but to no avail! Perhaps we need a little more magician training before we can make that happen. This hat does, however, let just about anyone look extra fancy!

Product Details

Inspired by the classic top hats that were popular during the early 1900s, this simple accessory is a great addition to any magician costume. It also looks great with many of our suit and tuxedo costumes, so if you're trying to do a few magic tricks or if you want a full-on fancy look for the evening, then this is the hat for you!

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