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The 90's. Grunge music, the resurgence of SNL, The Spice Girls... it was a crazy decade! Now, you can capture the essence of the 1990s by adding any of our 90's accessories to your costume. Whether you want a wig to recreate the classic cuts of the time or you want a mask from your favorite shows, we carry a ton of great items that any 90's kid will appreciate!
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Ahh, yes! The 90s. It truly was a special time. We remember it like it was yesterday! We were sneaking away to watch Beavis and Butthead on MTV, despite adults telling us that it was the single thing ruining our generation. We spent WAY too much time listening to The Spice Girls, while pretended that we were too cool to like them. Side note: we still love The Spice Girls and we're not afraid to tell everyone about it. We thought that Wayne's World is one of the funniest movies of all time, and we also invested too much time following all of the anime that was breaking onto the scene! Well, we wanted to cultivate plenty of ways to dress up as your favorite characters from the 90s. After all, nostalgia is one of the best ways to make you feel young again!

So then, what sort of accessories will you find here? A little bit of everything! First off, we carry plenty of wigs. The 90s was home to plenty of styles that seem strange to us now, but back then, we loved them! We doubt you want to head to the barber or hairstylist to get a fresh, 90s style cut and that's why we have a ton of different wig styles to choose from. Whether you're donning one of our Spice Girls wigs or you're trying to look like your favorite slacker from The Big Lebowski, we've got an option for anyone trying to celebrate the 1990s. You can even get a look that comes straight from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey! Vanilla Ice hair? Yo VIP, let's kick it! You can get all of these looks without a single snip of the scissors!

What about all of the great movies? The 90s had a ton of great films, like The Fifth Element, Coneheads, Edward Scissorhands, and plenty of Kevin Smith classics featuring Jay and Silent Bob. And how about Dumb and Dumber, also known as the greatest comedy masterpiece that the world has ever seen? We carry accessories to help transform you into Harry and Lloyd, including socks, hats, and shoes. Whatever you're favorite movie from the 90s is, you'll be able to find a few accessories to level up your costume look!

Finally, we have plenty of different bits and pieces to fill out your look! Whether you want to grab a mask that turns you into a Nickelodeon cartoon character or you want some shades to transform you into a Power Puff Girl, we have something to love here. You can find 90s style bandanas, Ninja Turtles swag, and tons of other random stuff to maximize your 90s look! If you're a 90s kid or you just love the style of the 90s, you'll find exactly what you're looking for here!