Star Wars Costume Evolution: Republic Edition [Infographic]

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Since our first edition of Far Far Away Fashion was so well received, the wait for a follow up might have been less than enjoyable (but still better than waiting for The Force Awakens to come out). Well, the wait is over (one of the waits, anyway...) and we're happy to present to you this Republic Edition costume guide! Straight from George Lucas's Star Wars prequels, we have broken down some of your favorite characters' main costumes.

There was a serious debate over which of Padme's 12 gazillion costume changes to include, but we tried to pick out the most memorable fashion moments. With Anakin and Obi-Wan included for good measure, we have the looks of your three favorite heroes of the Republic. Well...heroes per se. That whole Darth Vader thing with Anakin is still a bit hard to swallow.  (How did the little Ani who won our hearts with his Podracing exploits turn out to be the worst villain of all time??) You can use this infographic to check out his transformation, and it's a great way to study up on the rest of your favorite prequel looks, too!



Star Wars Republic Costume Evolution Infographic

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So what do you think? Love the style of the prequel series? Not so much? Whether you have fond memories, or are still confused as to why Gungans live in bubble domes, we want to know! Leave us a comment below, hit us up on Facebook, tweet us, or climb up on top of your replica Jedi Temple and send us smoke signals from afar! We're going to climb back into our meditation chambers and just slowly, slowly wait for the J.J. Abram's iteration of Star Wars to hit the theaters. (Well, except for that whole Halloween thing. Our bosses might want us to show up to work for that.) And, of course, we have a robust selection of Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Star Wars costumes in general, so suit yourself up for the new movie or for any night of fun in that fabled galaxy far, far away.



Infographic Design Credit: Cody Petersen

Infographic Writing Credit: Jason Mattick

Jason Mattick

Jason is a web copywriter at and is somewhat obsessed with bringing inanimate objects to life in the costumed world. Last year he was an aerial drone, and this year he plans on being the Lincoln Memorial (Not ol' Abe, the actual statue...) He moonlights as an elected official on a local city council and enjoys long walks, going to bed early, and sojourning in remote places in search of Bigfoot and EDM festivals.