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Whether you want to be a good ninja or a bad ninja, we have ninja Halloween costumes for you! We have a variety of ninja costumes for kids including white ninja costumes and red ninja costumes. Fight off your enemies this Halloween with our great ninja costumes!
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Couples Ninja Costumes

Ninjas are usually solitary warriors and assassins, having shunned off the larger world for the sake of honing their craft. But that sounds pretty lonely to us! Two is always better than one, despite what you've heard, it especially applies to ninjas. Together, they create a deadly duo, known for their weapon expertise, ability to coordinate fashionably, their legendary fights, and their capabilities to show mercy and friendship using their equally legendary baking skills. Ninjas... better together since 1455!

Sexy Ninja Costumes

Silence is your friend when you're a ninja. Luckily, you'll look so good in these sexy costumes that you won't have to utter a single word to convince anyone. We love the red; the color of passion (and blood) with the mysterious and frightening void of color, black, makes this duo especially deadly, and unbelievably good looking.

ninja costume fashion

Of course, not every shinobi is interested in the assassination industry of the fifteenth century. Some of them have had (ninja) stars in their eyes for a long time, and decided to make the leap not to Japan, but to Hollywood! Stunt work is plentiful; chopping, kicking, punching, POSING! These ninjas know how to look good for the camera, coordinate their uniforms for maximum fashion blog coverage, and pierce not only with their weapons, but their intriguing, glinting eyes!

Dragon Ninjas Costumes

No matter how great things seem to be going, eventually, every couple will have a fight. Most just argue, slam a door or two, and work it out. But ninjas? When they fight, they FIGHT! It's an interesting phenomenon to witness, a little like the best kind of nature footage. They never talk it out, in fact, they don't say a thing! Instead, they draw their weapons, and see who is able to catch the other in a vulnerable position. Once there is a clear victor, it's all over! They've tried couples therapy, but it wasn't as definitive as a good duel...

Mortal Kombat Kitana and Sub Zero Costumes

Usually they're pretty brutal once they've won the match. Fatality? Seems kind of harsh. Who knew that in a twisted game of Mortal Kombat a fellow contestant could be so kind! Kitana here has decided to show Sub Zero some mercy, and instead of fan-blading him inside out, she presented him with a wonderful frosted cake. Friendship? Yes, friendship!

Ninjarama Banner

Sure, the classic ninja costume is, well, classic! But there's other options to get in on the feudal fun. These are just a few ideas our costume experts came up with to create your own look, go with something a little different, and even pay homage to a few sewer dwelling mutants. Cowabunga!

Samurai costume

Some say the ninja never really existed in the way that they're portrayed in movies and television. If you want to be slightly more realistic in your costume choice, perhaps our Samurai costume is the way to go! We topped this one off with our long black wig, which gave the whole look a cool warrior vibe. Just don't forget the sword! Any Samurai worth his mighty fee would never be without his katana...

Pirate Ninja Costume

What's this? A Pirate and a ninja some how amalgamated into one being? "That's impossible, they're meant to be mortal enemies!" you might say. Well, we decided to find the perfect look for anyone who couldn't decide whether to be one or the other. Thus, Piraninja was born. Mix and match accessories to your hearts content. He's the deadliest buccaneer on the high seas...

Teenage mutant ninja turtles costume

It's pizza time! "Pepperoni and anchovies, coming right up! Where am I delivering this? The NYC sewers? Must be the Ninja Turtles again..." That's right, everyone's favorite bodacious heroes in a half-shell are ready to party! Whether you're a child of the 80s, or love the latest iterations of the TMNT, we have a bunch of costumes and accessories to help recreate your favorite character; Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello. Sorry, but the pizza isn't included!

Ninja Weapons Banner

A ninja knows how to jump, kick, and hide, but they have to know how to wield a weapon properly, or they won't make it to their next job. Luckily, we have all the (toy) weapons you could ever need, and whether you're on a secret mission in a rival shogun's territory, or messing around with your friends on Halloween, they'll make you look deadly serious... and seriously deadly.

Hidden Ninja Knives
Ninja Spinning Blade

The knife is the perfect weapon for a ninja. It's small, and thus stealthy. They come in many varieties. Two of our favorites? Certainly the hidden knives set, and the spinning blade. We like the hidden knives because they're at first unassuming, but in a flash they become two deadly knives. Our spinning blade will terrify your opponent due to its hypnotic rotary quality. If stealth is your main priority, a knife is your best bet!

Ninja Katana Accessory
Ninja Swords

If you need a little more 'oomph' in your combat, you should try a ninja sword! Otherwise known as a katana, it will be handy if you have to fight your way out of the Feudal castle, or you just want to look super threatening and cool. We really like the Snake Eyes sword seen in our first image here because it has a realistic look, or try the dual swords for when things really get precarious...

ninja throwing stars
ninja nunchucks

The go to ninja projectile weapon has always been the throwing star. Luckily, we sell those! Of course, they're made of foam... but don't let that stop you from flinging them around. Sometimes you just need a little more deadliness, and for that we recommend our nunchaku! You might know those from Bruce Lee or the TMNT, but they're a standard weapon for any ninja. You might bonk yourself in the head while whipping them around, but don't worry, they're plastic!

pirate vs ninja banner

If you're going as a ninja for Halloween and you show up at a party where there will likely be more than one pirate present, there is but one inevitable conversation... Who would win in a battle between a pirate and a ninja? It's an age old question long debated in raucous taverns, home living rooms, and internet forums. We decided to settle it once and for all. The perfect scenario to describe how and why a ninja would beat a pirate any day in any era. Remember this comic strip and relay the saucy tale when that too confident pirate asks you, "If we got in a fight, who would win?"

Pirate VS Ninja battle
When to Strike Ninja Banner

When the Ninja first roamed feudal Japan, there must have been ample opportunities to hide and strike. Of course, night time was always preferred, and if you could find a spare hay pile to jump into, or an unclaimed roof beam to squat upon, all the better. But what's a ninja in our modern times supposed to do? He has to be able to adapt and use the environment in which we live. This means the workplace, the home, even the waiting room inside a doctor's office, all must be traversed in a careful and surreptitious way.

Ninja attack in the office
Ninja Attack in the Office 2
Ninja attack in the playroom
ninja attack in the kitchen
ninja attack at the arcade
Ninja attack in the waiting room

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