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Where's Waldo Costumes

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No need to search high and low for Waldo this year! We have what you're looking for right here! From adult Where's Waldo costumes to kids Waldo costumes, we have a look that will turn you into the iconic character for Halloween. We also have Wenda costumes that go great with a Waldo for a fun couples costume. Get a whole group together for a night of fun!

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Did you know that Waldo has a girlfriend named Wenda? It's true! They also have a dog named Woof, a friend named the Wizard White Beard, and an "enemy" named Odlaw, which is Waldo's name backwards. That's a whole lot of characters! We wanted to make a fun little guide to show Waldo and Wenda together, with a few fun poses for you two to use when you go out on Halloween. Just don't be surprised if the other starts to wander and you have to go look for them. We all know that part of the fun is searching!

Looking for Love Waldo Costumes

Where is he?? Where is she??

Where's Wenda Costume
Where's Waldo Costume
Together at Last Waldo and Wenda Costumes

and they went wandering ever after...

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It's pretty easy to become Waldo, because all you need is a striped shirt, hat, and a pair of blue pants. Of course, you should also have a healthy travel budget if you want to actually go as many places as he does... but if you REALLY want to look like Waldo (or Wally, as he's known outside the USA) you have to add a few things. Waldo is always prepared for any situation, and if you want to be a deluxe version of the character you should use this handy guide. Yes, he really does carry a a scuba mask!

Deluxe Waldo Costume