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Where's Waldo Costumes

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No need to search high and low for Waldo this year! We have what you're looking for right here! From adult Where's Waldo costumes to kids Waldo costumes, we have a look that will turn you into the iconic character for Halloween. We also have Wenda costumes that go great with a Waldo for a fun couples costume. Get a whole group together for a night of fun! How To

Where's Waldo Costumes

Waldo Couples Banner

Did you know that Waldo has a girlfriend named Wenda? It's true! They also have a dog named Woof, a friend named the Wizard White Beard, and an "enemy" named Odlaw, which is Waldo's name backwards. That's a whole lot of characters! We wanted to make a fun little guide to show Waldo and Wenda together, with a few fun poses for you two to use when you go out on Halloween. Just don't be surprised if the other starts to wander and you have to go look for them. We all know that part of the fun is searching!

Looking for Love Waldo Costumes

Where is he?? Where is she??

Where's Wenda Costume

Where's Waldo Costume

Together at Last Waldo and Wenda Costumes

and they went wandering ever after...

Anatomy of Waldo

It's pretty easy to become Waldo, because all you need is a striped shirt, hat, and a pair of blue pants. Of course, you should also have a healthy travel budget if you want to actually go as many places as he does... but if you REALLY want to look like Waldo (or Wally, as he's known outside the USA) you have to add a few things. Waldo is always prepared for any situation, and if you want to be a deluxe version of the character you should use this handy guide. Yes, he really does carry a a scuba mask!

Deluxe Waldo Costume

Being Odlaw: Waldo's Nemesis

Odlaw is Waldo’s nemesis, from the backwards play on Waldo’s name to the evil colored stripes on his sweater he is the opposite of Waldo in almost every way. He’s been known to take a swipe at Waldo’s magical walking stick in the TV series and although we never see him do anything terribly awful, his reputation is such that he’s known for his bad deeds. If you want to dress is Waldo’s foil rather than Waldo himself, here’s a guide on how you might play the part in your Odlaw costume.

Taking a Walk

When posing for pictures, people want to see the look you are famous for so be sure to practice this pose. This pose mimics how Odlaw appears in the storybooks. It’s easy to do and is sure to get more smiles than anyone in a Waldo costume who hasn’t bothered to learn how to be their character. Who knows? It could be your chance to tip the scales in your favor and have fans clamoring to find Odlaw instead!

Coming Up With Bad Ideas

Have you thought of a new way to steal Waldo’s walking stick? Maybe you’ve come up with a way to make it harder for his fans to find him. Either way, part of being a villain is scheming to take down the good guys so make sure you’re actively thinking up ways to do that.

Vowing to Be Mean to Waldo

Waldo makes friends wherever he travels, and people are always so excited to find him! Odlaw on the other hand is no Mr. Nice Guy. Seriously, how can we trust a guy with a mustache like that? When Waldo escapes your trap yet again, shake your fist and vow to get him next time you meet!

Foiled Again

Since you’re bound to fail at your mission to bring down Waldo, you might as well practice your look for frustration at being foiled yet again. Bring your knees together and tug on your hat, it’s so annoying when Waldo gets away!