Geisha Girl Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Geisha Girl Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Geisha costumes are classic for Halloween and will again be popular costumes for 2011. The Geisha Girl look traditionally includes a Japanese kimono, dark wig with hair pulled back, and very distinct white makeup. Our makeup expert has put together an easy tutorial on how to look like a Geisha girl:



You will need: white cream makeup, red and black makeup crayons, pink cream blush, and standard nylon makeup brushes. We used this Geisha makeup kit


Step One: Foundation

Apply white cream foundation with flat nylon brush. Use long strokes in one direction to cover entire face. Finish with white powder to set the makeup.


Step Two: Lips

Define lips using the red makeup crayon.

  • First, outline your lips. Be sure to emphasize the peaks at the top of your lips.
  • Once lips are traced, fill in rest of lips with red crayon.


Geisha Girl Makeup Tutorial


Step Three: Eyes

Create dramatic eyes with the makeup crayons and white cream base. 

  • Using black makeup crayon, draw a line that extends from inside of nose, across the eye just above crease, all the way to the temple.
  • Fill in eyelid below this line with black crayon.
  • Draw a thick black line below the eye, just under lash line.
  • Use red makeup crayon underneath the black line.
  • Apply white cream makeup between the crease and brow.
  • Use black makeup crayon once again to darken the eyebrow, making sure to exaggerate the arch.


Step Four: Cheeks

Apply pink cream blush to cheeks.

  • Use fingers to softly tap blush onto cheekbones.
  • Gently rub blush to blend for a soft look.


Step Five: Complete the Look

Use nylon brush to apply white cream makeup to ears, neck, and chest.


Geisha Girl


You can find your Geisha Costume at

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