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Comic-Con is definitely the fashion week of the Halloween costume industry. Classic styles collide with new trends in a chaotic clustrer of costumey goodness. Here are some cosplay highlights from this year's con!


Attendees In Costume

No better place to start than Game of Thrones. A very large gathering of GOT cosplayers gathered outside the convention center for this epic group shot. Even if your favorite character has already been killed on the show, this photo is proof that they can live on through cosplay forever:


Game of Thrones Group Cosplay SDCC 2014

Valar Morgulis... but only until the next Con.


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The whirlwind that is San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. The lines were long, the celebrities were elusive, the previews were awe-inspiring, and the collectables made our inner-child squeal with glee. Strap on your exclusive comic-con bag across your back and join us as we round up the highlights of this epicenter of geek culture!


SDCC 2014 Crowd Picture


75 years of Batman

Preview Night (Wednesday) actually fell on Batman Day and the 75th anniversary of everyone's favorite caped crusader....

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