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Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes

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Oh, a party is on the way you say? If we may, let us suggest a way to celebrate! Maybe you'd partake in dressing as something quite on that day? A look that pays tribute to Dr. Seuss might be nice. Yes, remember the stories that made your imagination churn? (It's quite plain to see that we love to read his stories to feed our need for a raucous time with rhymes!) Well now it's your turn to let that imaginative spark burn. A costume, or two! We have just the thing for you. An outfit, or maybe a hat, to make you look like Thing 1 or Thing 2. Yes, that's right. We're the premier carrier of all things Seuss!

Mom, dad, or kid... we have anything you could need, even if you're a squid. Whether your name Lyle, or Kyle we have your style. Your name could even be Christine to look so pristine in one of our costumes based these Things. From furry things that fit on your feet to a cute dress you can wear on the street, oh what a treat these neat things are.