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Jessica Rabbit Costumes

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“I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.”

When you're drawn as an attractive redhead in a curve-hugging gown, you're often misunderstood. People see your sultry features and assume you're up to no good. People start to get the wrong idea, and think you could even be involved in a murder plot.

But you're not that way. Sure, you look irresistible but there's more to you than your looks. You're married to a funny cartoon rabbit who you would do anything for. You are selfless and kind. You are even willing to put yourself in harms way in order to save the people who matter to you. Alas, it will take a lot to convince people of your pure motives when you're dressed up as Jessica Rabbit. This collection of sleek red dresses, smooth purple gloves and luxurious red wigs are just what you need to become the cartoon that's always trying to overcome her bad reputation. How ToJessica Rabbit Costumes
Jessica Rabbit Costume Makeup Application

Look just like Jessica Rabbit this Halloween with this stylish makeup tutorial. Blend light and dark purple eye shadows across both eyelids. Create a circular shape to maintain a more cartoony appearance. Add black eyeliner, mascara and blush for even more flair. Darken your eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil and create a high arch to accentuate the cartoon look. Finally add a bright red lip color with shiny gloss on top to complete this look for Halloween.