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Take a three hour tour that turns into a life of being stranded on an uncharted island when you wear these licensed Gilligan's island costumes. You'll find Gilligan costumes, The Skipper costumes, and Mary Ann costumes. The famous television series first aired in 1964 and ran for three seasons. The star characters included Gilligan, The Skipper, Thurston Howell III, Mrs. Howell, Ginger, The professor, and Mary Ann. Each episode centers around the group's failed attempts to escape the island, usually due a silly error made by Gilligan.


Gilligan wears a red shirt and white sailor hat, The skipper wears a blue shirt and khaki pants along with a boat captain hat, and Mary Ann wears a denim and red gingham dress with pigtails in here hair. Mr and Mrs Howell are wealthy and dress in fine clothing including fur coats and fancy hats. Ginger is a movie star who wears ball gowns and red carpet attire with red hair while the professor wears a button-up shirt and khaki pants. It's easy to create a Gilligan's Island group costume!