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TMNT Raphael Sunglasses

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TMNT Raphael Sunglasses
TMNT Raphael Sunglasses
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Items Included
  • Sunglasses
  • Red plastic frames shaped like a tied eye mask; smoke gray lenses
  • Ninja Turtles logo decal on each earpiece
When it comes to your closest group of friends, are you known as the, "Hit first, ask questions later" one? Well, you may get a little grief for this every now and then, but every group needs someone who is willing to take the first step forward! In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this guy is none other than Raphael!

The turtle in red, like the color of the puddles he leaves those ninjutsu novices from the Foot Clan laying in after every battle, is never afraid to throw the first punch and thwack his way through the hoards of henchmen to get to the Shredder using his favorite weapon, a set of twin sai. Originally in the Mirage/Image Comics, all four turtles wore red bandanas but in the more modern versions, Raph is the only one to hold on to their classic guise. This may be because of Raphael's notorious red-hot temper that is both helpful and troubling for the team. It could also be because this OG stays true to his roots. Either way, you can look just as cool as your favorite Ninja Turtle when you throw on this pair of TMNT Raphael Sunglasses!

The best thing about this accessory is that if you should happen to get into an epic battle with the Foot Clan you won't have to worry about getting that distracting sun in your eyes. Not while you're wearing these sun-blocking specs! You'll be able to land every punch and kick with ease and make a name for yourself as the pink-skinned turtle training under the renowned rebel Raphael!

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