Slipknot Costumes

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Slipknot emerged in the late 90s and took the 2000s by storm, building a massive fanbase from touring the country with their thrilling concerts. Their humble Iowas roots led them to become metal superstars, and their terrifying, onstage persona has endeared them to the hearts of metalheads. While their masks and personas onstage have been somewhat polarizing to the mainstream, the genre has embraced them. Eschewing their own personalities onstage, the band members simply assigned themselves numbers and adorned a truly terrifying mask.

Which lends itself to a perfect choice as a Halloween costume! You can go as a member of the band or just pick out your favorite band member's mask and build your own scary persona around their them. And if you're going as a group this year, what better way to win a costume contest than by representing the whole band? Our collection of high-quality Slipknot costumes make it okay to Wait and Bleed...