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Secret Life of Pets Costumes

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Ever wonder what your pet is doing at home while you're away at school or work? Are they taking a little siesta in the sun or are they planning their escape out of your house with the other neighborhood pets? The Disney movie, The Secret Life of Pets, investigates into this question that all pet owners wonder from time to time: what is my little fluff baby while I'm not there? Little kids who love the animated dogs and cats from the movie will have fun dressing in these Secret Life of Pets costumes. Kids can dress as the loyal Jack Russell Terrier, Max or as the silly mongrel, Duke. Headpieces can transform adults into either Max or Gidget! Don't worry if the crazy revenge-driven bunny, Snowball, is your child's favorite character we have a fluffy white rabbit costume for them! It's perfect to wear for Halloween or while they watch the movie.