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Men's Vampire Costumes

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Nosferatu. Dracula. Lord Ruthven. Sir Francis Varney. Barnabas Collins. Vlad TepesPetre TomaAmaut Pavle  

Become any of these fictional or suspected actual vampires when you choose one of our men's vampire costumes. You can be frightening, suave, or both, depending on the costume and accessories you choose.  And if your name happens to be Edward or Matthew, you've got a great start already!   

Nosferatu was a hideous monster. To be him, choose a frightening mask and hooded robe. Dracula, Lord Ruthven & Sir Francis Varney were gentlemen of the Victorian era. They were urbane, polished and civilized, so any of our Victorian vampire costumes would be a good choice. Barnabas Collins lived in the time of the American Revolution and returned in the 1960s. Either a romantic era or 60s costume would work for him, and we have licensed items from the 2010 movie, Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp. Vlad Tepes was a  prince in medieval Romania. Petre Toma and Amaut Pavle were Serbian peasants in the 1720s. And then there are the modern characters, who try to blend into society and avoid drawing attention to themselves.   

The wide variety of vampire characters gives you plenty of latitude when choosing your vampiric look. You can be modern or historic, a peasant, commoner or noble. Just about anything goes! The rule of thumb to remember is that whenever or wherever they lived, vampires rarely sought attention. They were charming and attractive, especially when mingling with humans. After all, if they frightened the humans away, they wouldn't have a source of nourishment! They usually wore the same types of clothing as the humans they associated with. Their appearance was only distinguished by being taller, paler and thinner than most humans.   

Whatever look you decide to adopt, you'll definitely want fangs and fake blood. A pale complexion will add realism to your appearance, and our vampire makeup kits make it easy to achieve that look. Beyond that, you can be as subtle or as flamboyant as you wish. If you're attending an all-vampire gathering, go all-out. If you're going to be the only vampire at a human party, you might want to tone it down.   

Once you're in costume, play the part! A vampire's behavior and mannerisms were often more distinctive than his appearance. Vampires, especially modern ones, are often just a bit more formal or, dare we say it, old-fashioned, than humans. That's because they're so much older. They're behaving as they did in their human youth, which may have been hundreds of years ago! So practice your courtly manners, to charm your prospective victims as a noble or gentleman. Or go on a "feeding" rampage like Nosferatu or Petre Toma. You choose!