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Kids 80's Costumes

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Introduce a new generation to the 1980s! Our selection of 80s Halloween costumes for kids stretches from Care Bears to The Karate Kid and from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Rainbow Brite. Find the Ghostbusters costume for kids that completes your group costume and kids’ neon looks that may make you jealous. Whether your child is a big 1980’s fan, or they’re helping you relive the Goonies' treasure hunt, our kid’s 80’s costumes are sure to please!
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Toddler Cobra Kai Costume
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Toddler Cobra Kai Costume

Toddler Daniel San Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Infant Smurf Costume
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Toddler and Infant Mega Man Costume
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The 1980s had it all. Loud fashion, insane cartoons, big hair, rock stars, pop stars, unlikely heroes, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, kids these days may not understand just how incredible the decade was. Unless, of course, you made sure to show your own kid the magic of the Care Bears and adventure of the Goonies. Maybe they’ve developed a love of neon colors and punk rock style. Or, perhaps your efforts have already convinced them that nothing will ever compare to Back to the Future and your child has requested to become Doc Brown for Halloween.

Whatever reason you found yourself on this page, we’re glad you’re here!  Our selection of 80’s costumes for kids will have you and your well-cultured child feeling excellent for your next costumed event!

Flip the track and get ready to enjoy the sounds of the 80s with our musically influenced costumes. While you don some torn threads and paint your face like the living dead, your kiddo can slip into Michael Jackson’s classic red jacket to perform everyone’s favorite Halloween dance: Thriller. Let your kiddo fill in as a back-up dancer dressed all in neon for the recreation of your favorite music video. Or, get in touch with their edgy side with a costume inspired by some of the 80’s biggest rock stars.

The 80s had some of the most entertaining cartoons to ever grace the television screen. With our Smurfs and Care Bear costumes for kids, the whole family can relive the charm of both! Pick up your own Papa Smurf or Tenderheart costume then find that Smurfette or Cheer Bear costume that your child will love! Dive in a little deeper for Mega Man or Inspector Gadget and let the silliness of your favorite 80’s cartoons take hold of your family’s Halloween fun!

We can’t forget the impact some of the 80’s movies had on pop culture! The Ghostbusters were such a hit that they're being honored and reinvented for the silver screen every time we turn around. You and yours can get in on the act with Ghostbusters costumes for the whole family. Pick between your favorite characters or let your child choose from Ghostbuster dresses and full jumpsuits. Just don’t forget to check out our accessories to pick up all the PKE meters and Proton Packs your team will need!

Then, of course, there’s the strange fantasy of Back to the Future. From Marty’s self-lacing shoes to Doc Brown’s wild experiments, there’s something for everyone to love. So whether your kid wants to keep it cool like McFly in his red puffer jacket or get crazy like the doctor, our exclusive Back to the Future costumes will have them ready for the adventure.

Make Halloween extra special this year with 80’s costumes for your kids. They’ll have a blast experiencing the sometimes outlandish ideas and styles that made the 1980’s a decade to remember. Plus you’ll have a perfect excuse to relive the fun for yourself!