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Harry Potter's Wand

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Harry Potter's Wand1
Harry Potter's Wand1
Product Information

Items Included
  • Harry Potter Wand
  • Officially licensed
  • Plastic w/ wood texture detail
  • Color of wand may differ slightly from product image

Out from the Cupboard and Into our Hearts

What's Harry Potter without his wand? Kind of like Frodo without the ring. Batman without his mask. Finn without Jake. The Beatles without John. Fry without Bender. Vader without his mask. Tarantino without blood. Pancakes without syrup. Australia without kangaroos. The earth without the sun. Space without emptiness. Ying without yang. Need we say more?

Product Details

Finish your Harry Potter costume the right way with this wand. While we've found that using Pheonix feather simply isn't cost-efficient, the wand does have a wood texture with a rich wooden color. Whether you're using this for a costume or a prop to keep your bully of a cousin in line, it's good to be matched with the right wand. 

Accio Complete Costume

If you want to make the Wizarding World transformation complete, make sure your Harry Potter costume isn't without a wand. Especially a realistic-looking wand like this one. It's not made of holly wood with a phoenix-feather core, like Harry's, but it could practically summon a griffin all by itself, it's so good. You might find yourself using it in everyday life too. Just don't be surprised when you light up a dark corridor or blow up your aunt—it's that good. We tried to warn you.

Product Reviews        Write Review
Harry potter wand review
      By HAYDEN M. / November 9, 2013
Loved this wand! Our 3 month old baby was harry potter for Halloween and held this wand it was so great and original.
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Four Stars
      By Current Customer / March 20, 2019
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Two Stars
      By Current Customer / March 18, 2019
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One Star
      By Current Customer / March 7, 2019
Looks really fake
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As described
      By Current Customer / November 2, 2018
Black and purple mix coating. Hard plastic, doesn't bend.
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Good .. light weight
      By Current Customer / September 27, 2016
My son likes it.. but a little too small
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