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Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Costumes

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Now that Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Disney musical is out there, there's no going back. This movie is more about hope than horror. It's a classic story. Two young people from very different backgrounds fall in love to the dismay of one pair of parents. Whether your little one wants to dress up as the cheerleader with a streak of rebellion or in a Zed costume, they're sure to be singing in harmony all Halloween night!



Is there any story that's more Disney than this movie? We don't think so! Love overcomes all in the end, as it always should. And though there might be drama and hardship, the main couples keeps singing in harmony through it all. If your kids have been singing songs from the Disney Channel's hit movie Z-O-M-B-I-E-S than you're probably familiar with the charming characters from the musical. 

There are so many scenes from this musical to act out. When your child gets his or her hands on these costumes, singing along to the soundtrack will be unforgettable. Your little one can dress up as Addison with blond hair and sing My Year with all the choreography. With how popular this movie is, we're pretty that performance would be a hit at the school talent show! Get your little ones "fired up" for Halloween this year when you give them costumes with a zombie edge! 

Your youngest can dress up as the cheerful zombie, Zoey. She's full of excitement for merging with Seabrook schools. We're sure she's going to add a lot to Mighty Shrimp's cheer team. Your child can prepare her zombified cheer routine in the Zoey costume with a pleated cheer skirt with a tough faux leather jacket twist. The perfect mix of sweet and fierce, your little one will be ready to team up with friends for some award-winning trick-or-treating this Halloween. 

Maybe your child has a classic romantic musical routine in mind. The scene where Addison and Zed dance to Someday is on the level with all the classics. Start up a photoshoot with dramatic lighting that echoes the scene from the Disney musical. A Zed costume can be finished off with green hair and deadly white and green makeup. Addison's cheerleader look can be finished with pompoms, long blond hair or her natural white locks, your choice!

And of course, we can't forget the revolutionary zombie girl, Eliza! She's got a wild look and a super tough personality. While sweet singing, football, and cheerleading can change the zombie's rep, Eliza wants to change the laws. She wants better jobs. She wants to be proud of her zombie status. And zombies should be able to have dogs for goodness sakes! 

So whether your child wants to head out solo or they want to team up with friends or family to create a Z-O-M-B-I-E-S cast, they'll love these licensed costumes. Top of the zombie ensembles with green hairspray and zombie makeup and your Disneyfied kiddos will look like they hopped out of the television. Forget about "your year" this is "your Halloween"!