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Coming to America Akeem Costume
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Coming to America King Jaffe Joffer Costume
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Coming to America Randy Watson Costume
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Plus Size Coming to America Akeem Costume
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Coming to America Wedding Dress
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Plus Size Coming to America Randy Watson Costume
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One of the greatest movies of the 1980s is definitely Coming to America. Memorable characters, compelling story, and the hilarity of Eddie Murphy doesn't hurt either. If you've always wanted to become your favorite characters from the film, like King Joffer or Prince Akeem, you've come to the right place. We've got licensed Coming to America costumes right here that you won't find anywhere else. These make a fantastic group costume idea as well! How To

Coming to America Halloween Costumes

Let's cut to the chase. The 80s brought us some of the greatest gems to hit the movie theaters. Yeah, there were things like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Back to the Future, but many of our favorite movies starred Eddie Murphy. The man is a legend. He brought us Trading Places in 1983, Beverly Hills Cop in 1984, and then, in 1988, he gave us the pinnacle of comedy, Coming to America. It told the tale of a prince who had become burdened by his rite to the throne and just wanted to find real love. Of course, he was never going to be able to do that in his own country, where he was worshipped like a god… so he did what any sensible prince would do! He struck out on a journey across the world, disguised as an ordinary man with little to his name. In New York, he'd find true love!

Now, if you're planning on recreating some of the scenes from the film, or if you just want to dress up like your favorite character from the 80s, then our Coming to America Halloween costumes are an easy choice for you! You can look like you've just started your shift at McDowell's or head out in full regal attire that's fit for a king when you shop our selection of costumes inspired by the classic movie, Coming to America. We'll help you decide which outfit is right for you in the quick and handy guide!

Coming to America Outfits

We have plenty of Coming to America outfits for sale, so might be tough for the typical 80s fan to decide on which character to dress up as. Do you want to strike a dashing image as the crowned Prince of Zamunda, or maybe you want something a little more subtle to help you find true love? Perhaps you want to buy that Coming to America wedding dress to help you get ready to surprise the prince during the big day or maybe you're looking to become the current reigning king of the country! Just look at a few of our options to help you get a feel for what's right for you.

Coming to America Prince Akeem Costumes

Prince Akeem Costume

First, let's begin with the iconic style from the movie. Zamunda is a prosperous country, and the royal family gets to revel in that prosperity! That's why Prince Akeem dresses in the finest furs and wears extravagant jewelry that's fit for royalty. Of course, most non-royals don't exactly have the kind of resources to wear one-of-a-kind pieces intended for a king, which is why this Coming to America Prince Akeem costume is perfect for anyone looking to wear princely clothes without the princely price. You definitely won't look like an average New Yorker wearing this costume, which is one of our many Made By Us designs.

Prince Akeem McDowell's Costumes

McDowell's Costume

The simple truth is that Akeem didn't want to look like a prince when he traveled to Queens. Every woman in Zamunda treats him like royalty… and it doesn't make it easy to figure out who REALLY loves you for what you are! That's why Prince Akeem traded in his royal regalia in for something a little more common. He even got a job at the local fast food joint to make himself seem as average as possible! When you buy our Prince Akeem McDowell's costume, you can wear the uniform of a McDowell's employee. It's just one of our many uniform-style costumes. This one even comes with a name tag, so you can choose between Akeem and Semmi, just in case you want to be the troublemaking servant of the prince, instead of true royalty.

Jaffe Joffer Costumes

King Jaffe Joffer Costume

To think, Akeem is merely the Prince of Zamunda! King Jaffe Joffer is the head honcho in the kingdom and his outfit really does speak to his tremendous status. King Joffer's outfit differs from Akeem's with a tan color scheme and a lion's pelt to help showcase his kingly nature. Of course, our Made By Us design uses synthetic fur instead of the real deal, but it's much easier to wear than the real fur of a lion! If you're gearing up to be the king, this is the perfect outfit for you. And it'll be your primary responsibility to reign the prince in during his foolhardy adventure to North America!

Coming to America Wedding Dresses

Coming to America Wedding Dress

Everyone remembers the final scenes of the movie. First time viewers were left in suspense. It looked like true love had failed and that Prince Akeem would have to go back home to his fate in Zamunda. The bride walked down the aisle with a veil over her face. Who was it? Was it Prince Akeem's original fiancé? Or… could it be? Did Lisa travel halfway across the world in a bold proclamation of love? Well, if you've seen the movie, then you know how it ends, but if you want to become the mystery woman then a Coming to America wedding dress is the choice! Akeem will be on the edge of his seat wondering who's under the veil. Just pair it up with a few of our bride accessories to round out the outfit.

Coming to America Accessories

We've always believed that the best costumes are about more than just a great costume. Sometimes, it's all about the accessories. Whether you're headed out as a pirate or you want to transform into a Disney character, a good accessory can really bring the look together! Coming to America costumes are no exception! Check out a few of our favorite picks to help you put the finishing touch to your look.

Soul Glo Wigs

Soul Glo Wig

We all know the truth. The Jheri curl is the greatest hairstyle known to mankind! Those glistening curls came to popularity in the 80s and if it were up to us, it'd be one of the standard cuts of today. Soul Glo would be a part of every hair care routine. Of course, it does take a little work to upkeep… so something a little easier would be nice for anyone trying to capture the Soul Glo style of Darryl Jenks! That's where a Soul Glo wig comes into play. It gives you classic, 80s-style Jheri curl hair in an instant.

Randy Watson Wigs

Jheri Curl Wig

We can't do a guide to dressing like your favorite Coming to America without mentioning Randy Watson. He may have just been a small character in the movie, but he's definitely one of the most memorable! The clueless frontman of the band, Sexual Chocolate, doesn't know how to read a crowd and he's not exactly the greatest musician. He does, however, have some pretty amazing hair! If you're trying to craft the perfect Randy Watson costume, then you'll definitely need to finish it with a Randy Watson wig, which recreates his Jehri curl style with ease! You can always check out our full selection of costume wigs to help put the finishing touch on any of your Coming to America costumes! Monster